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20 Tips to Make a House Move Easier on Kids

By Evan Sage

Moving homes can be traumatic on children. It is the change, the unknowing that is the toughest aspect of a move on kids, if dealt with properly this can be made to be a fun new adventure for. Keep in mind that your kids will reflect to some extent your own feelings, if you are stressed your kids will pick up on those feelings.

1. Let the kids know early.

Once you have made the final decision, let you kids know. Be ready to answer their questions about where and when.

2. Be optimistic.

Your kids do to some extent mimic your feelings. Be positive and your kids will pick up on the positive vibes.

3. Be open and involve your kids in the process.

Explaining why can go a long way to comforting a child and gaining their acceptance. Tie the reason why to a tangible end benefit for the kid i.e. larger room, pool.

4. Listen to your kids concerns.

You must be prepared to support your child emotionally through this process. Be open with your feelings, remain positive but it is okay to demonstrate sadness if you explain why you are sad and how that will go away because of all of the great benefits of moving. Be aware that kids do not always know how to deal with their emotions, so they may express themselves through anger.

5. You and your spouse must maintain the same position.

Even if you and your spouse do not agree with the move, do not let your kids know. It is easier for the kids to accept the move if they think both parents welcome the change.

6. Let you kids make some of the decisions.

Part of their apprehension may come from the sense of loosing control over that which they know. You can help restore this feeling of control if they get to make some of the appropriate decisions.

7. Moving impact teens the most.

Try and time a move around peak times for kids this is of particular importance when you are dealing with teens. Their friends and social life is what is most important to teens. Things will go much more smoothly if you try to accommodate them as best you can.

8. Visit the house with the kids.

A big part of the anxiety for the kids is the unknown, so try and remove as many of the unknowns as possible. This includes letting them see the new house before you move.

9. Look into extracurricular offered in the new neighborhood.

Try and line up at least one extracurricular activity for each kid in the new neighborhood. This will give them something to look forward to and help integrate them into the new neighborhood, and hopefully help them find new friends.

10. Include the kids in redecorating their room.

Let the kids make some of the decisions as to what new furniture to buy for their room and how it is arranged.

11. Have them pack their favorite things.

This way they will know for sure that their favorite toy or stuffed animal will arrive safely at the new house.

12. Give them jobs on moving day.

Give each child a specific responsibility on the day of the move. If you have pets, assign them the responsibility to look after them.

13. Get the kids room set up first.

This will help them feel more at home right off the bat.

14. Go for a walk in the new neighborhood.

Walk around the neighborhood to help them get familiar with their new surroundings.

15. Make sure they maintain contact with old friends.

Put in the effort to allow them to stay in contact with old friends.

About the Author: Evan Sage is an award winning Toronto Real Estate Agent specializing in working with clients who are downsizing their homes in Rosedale, Lawrence Park, Lytton Park, Hoggs Hollow and North Toronto. Evan works hard to instill in his clients the confidence to make the right purchase or sale decision. He achieves this by demonstrating a superior knowledge of Toronto real estate and by educating his clients.


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