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How To Childproof Your Home

By Alex Daniels

Having a child in the home is a joy, but it can also be a job. Little ones are full of energy and waste no time when it comes to playing hard. Because you cannot possibly watch a child every second of every minute, it's important to take the appropriate measures to make your home as safe as possible for your youngster.

With a child in the home, it's essential that you keep all cleaning products out of reach. This means placing them in a locked cabinet and installing an alarm that will immediately alert you if the cabinet is opened. When storing medicine, it's important that it be kept in a medicine cabinet that is high above your child's reach.

Just as much as children love to play, they also love to explore. This means that all electrical outlets should feature outlet covers and all sharp objects (i.e., scissors, files, nail clippers, etc.) should be picked up and stored out of reach. Make sure that you do not leave any small items, including coins, within reach of your child. Little ones love to fit anything possible into their mouth, which can be a recipe for disaster. By making sure that small items are out of their reach, you could be saving your child's life.

Believe it or not, your choice in furnishings may play a large role in the safety of your child. Consider replacing any furniture that poses a risk, such as glass tabletop styles or anything with protruding edges. Children love to run and they can even be clumsy at times, which is why making sure your furniture will not be a serious risk is a must. If you have hardwood or vinyl flooring, you may want to consider using an area rug with non-skid backing or completely redressing the room with a room-size rug or carpet. Bathtubs and showers should feature non-slip pads to prevent falling.

When it comes to electrical appliances, such as hairdryers, appliances, hair styling products and other similar items, making sure that they are out of reach and stored away from water is a must. Additionally, make sure that all cords are out of the floor and secured to their appliances. For instance, telephone cords, television cords and even computer cords could cause a child to trip and fall if not properly secured.

If your child plays outside, make sure that your yard is fully fenced and the gate remains locked. A child who wanders out of the yard is a child who could be in danger, so make sure that you are keeping a close eye on him/her even if your yard is seemingly safe. Speaking of the outdoors, make sure that any plants you have, either inside the home or out, are safe for your child.

Once you have a child, nothing will ever be the same again. Now, there's a very small person in your life who relies on you for protection without their even realizing it. Keeping your little one safe is the most important job of all.

About the Author: Alex consults for a gift shop offering cheap wedding favors, plus a furniture care store that sells commercial strength leather care products for furniture & clothing.


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Related Links:  | Children:Activities and FunChallenges | School | Parenting | Stories | Babies |

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