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Category:  Clothing and Accessories

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10 Chic & Easy Ideas To Jazz Up Your Jeans

By Glenn Day

Tired of an old pair of jeans but donít want to part with them? Want to spice up a new pair? Get creative with your jeans and use personal touches with fun and easy-to-find material. These are also great projects for kids and teenagers!

1) Embellishments: This is a cool way to revive your jeans. Simply find some colored crystals, pearls, buttons, studs or beads and stitch them on your jeans. A great area to start is the waist line to substitute for a belt. Low Rise jeans would work best for this idea.

2) Patches: You can cut patches of pretty fabric from your old T-shirts, different colored jean, fabric, even crochet patches. Cool readymade patches are available for purchase at craft stores. Use fabric glue or iron on adhesive to attach patches. Try this on any jean style!

3) Embroidery: This one is for the artist in you. You can try doing some simple embroidery yourself like the Kantha technique from India, or some basic stitches like the fly or cross stitch over the upper half front. Capri and Skinny leg fit go well with this look.

4) Tie & Dye: Tie & Die is always a fun project. You can almost transform your jeans with this style. Use your imagination and try picking wacky colors. If dying the entire pair of jeans is too much for you, patches of tie died fabric can be adhered to cover holes or even used as patches. A wide leg or bell bottom jean is perfect for this retro look.

5) Fabric Bleach Fade: This will give your Jean a rugged, worn in look. Use it in areas like the thigh, back and knee for the best effect. You can do this yourself. If you want a subtle effect, apply the bleach for less time, if you want areas to be more prominent then let the bleach sit for a longer time. A Regular Rise or Straight Leg fit would work well for this project.

6) Rip, Cut & Tear: This creates a rugged style too. It is very easy and almost anyone can do it. Try making rips, cuts and tears on the knee, thigh and hip areas of your jean. You can also try to rip the hem and let the threads out for a cool look. A straight leg jean would go well with this idea.

7) Airbrush Design: Let the artist in you take the front seat once again. Keep a design or a word stencil on your jean and spray some fabric paint over it. Any fit of jean can be your canvas.

8) Sandpaper Fading: This is the same look as the fabric bleach fade; people who are sensitive or allergic to bleach can use this method. Donít be too harsh on the fabric or you may end up tearing it. Use it in the same areas as mentioned in the bleaching technique. Regular rise and Straight Leg fits go well with this.

9) Fabric Glitter: This is one jazzy idea! You can use liquid fabric glitter and spread it on the jean. Allow it to dry, reverse the fabric and then iron it so that the glitter sets on the fabric properly. Your jazzy jean is ready for a Saturday night. A boot cut or flair fit will look awesome with this style. You can also try to incorporate the rips and tears for a more dramatic effect.

10) Re-Dye: This is the simplest style yet gives the most dramatic change. Take your jean to a dye specialist and change the color of your jean to compliment your wardrobe. Re-dye techniques can be used on any rise or fit jeans.

About the Author: Glenn Day is a professional shopper who specializes in finding to quality Denim at low prices. Glennís primary interest lies in discovering top quality demin Clothing online at low prices.

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Category:  Clothing and Accessories

Related Links: | Clothing and Accessories | Beauty |

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