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Cheaper Bills Across the Board

By Cary Anderson

They say only two things in life are certain: death and taxes. But whoever invented that quote forgot a third thing: bills. No matter how hard you try, thereís always going to be some sort of bill that needs paid. But is there a way to make these bills cheaper? Letís go down list of typical bills and point out some ways to cut those expenses drastically without losing the service.


Almost every single person on earth overpays for their phone coverage. Most people have a cell phone contract and a landline bill. In this day and age, you can probably do without the landline bill. Consider canceling it, but if you simply cannot live without it, look into a place like to see if you can cut landline costs.

For cell phone use, most people have a contract with a carrier that runs them $50 a month or sometimes much more. Did you know you can get the same great data phone coverage with a pay-as-you-go company like Cricket or Clear for much less? Thereís almost a social faux pas with using one of these no-contract carriers. But the reality is, they are much cheaper than the typical AT&T, Verizon contracts. Look into it. Even if you only save $20 a month, thatís $240 a year. Not exactly pocket change!


Again, almost every person in society overpays on their vehicle expenses. Marketers have succeeded in transforming cars from a practical way to get from Point A to Point B into a status symbol. How much of your vehicle expenses are ďstatus symbolĒ related? Thereís no reason to pay a dime above the necessary amount needed to get from Point A to Point B, so make that your primary focus and donít worry about what people think! The price difference between driving something new and flashy versus something practical and economical can be enormous! If you want to take it even further, consider if you even need a car at all!


Most states now offer the power to choose your electric provider. Find out if your state allows it and capitalize by switching to a cheaper electricity rate. You can instantly shave off percentages of your electric bill just by doing 10 minutes of homework.

To save more on electricity, keep devices that are not being used unplugged. Did you know that if a device is powered off but still plugged in that it draws electricity and costs you money? Donít forget to unplug everything before leaving on vacation!


Housing is a vast and complicated expense that can almost always be lowered. For starters, if you own your home, have you refinanced your house into a lower mortgage rate? You can save literally tens of thousands over the course of your mortgage by refinancing into a better deal. Visit your bank tomorrow and see if this is possible for you. This is especially important if you entered into your mortgage before the 2008 financial collapse.

If you rent, ask yourself how much housing space you really need. In America, almost everyone has been conditioned into thinking they need more space than they really do. Less space is less monthly cost. If you think you can get by with a smaller habitat or one in a not-as-great location, go for it and watch the savings pile up!


You can spend your whole life trying not to have a water bill but you will fail miserably. Water is a necessary expense for life. But it doesnít have to be a large one. Use water economically. Spend only the necessary amount of time in the shower. Donít leave the sink on while you are brushing your teeth. Buy a toilet that uses less water when flushing only urine. Treat water as a precious resource that is never to be wasted and youíll cut a nice percentage off of your monthly water bill.


Bargain hunt for insurance and ask yourself how necessary your insurance expenses really are. The reason insurance companies make fabulous amounts of profit is because they overcharge everyone. A casino works in precisely the same manner: take in lots of money, only give back a certain percentage of it. Itís a losing proposition from the onset. Of course, when you need your insurance, itís a life-saver, but make sure youíre only buying insurance you actually need! And whatever insurance you do decide to buy, make sure you compare quotes from a multitude of providers. A little due diligence can save you hundreds, if not thousands a year.

Other Expenses

By now you should see that your bills can almost invariably be lowered! Apply this same outlook to all of lifeís expenses. Get creative and think of ways to lower those expenses. There is almost always a way to pay less so donít be afraid to think outside the box!

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