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Cheap Summer Vacation Tips

By Cary Anderson

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a great summer vacation with your loved ones and family. Summer vacations can be extraordinarily expensive, but they can also be dirt cheap. It’s all about what you make of it. Here are some tips to make your dream of having a summer vacation come into reality:

Stay Local, Drive

A good rule of thumb for your summer vacation is that the closer to home you stay, the cheaper it will be. It takes a lot of fuel, and thus dollars, to transport people and luggage. The closer you can stay to home, the less transportation costs you’ll incur.

Another tip is to opt for driving instead of flying. Transporting your family to a beach 1,000 miles away is a lot cheaper to do if you drive. One perceived downside of driving is the added traveling time. However, view the driving not as a chore but instead as part of the vacation. Plan stops along the way to visit various points of interest. Driving might not be as glamorous as flying, but it is cheaper and can often be more fun.

Go camping!

Take your family on a camping vacation to a place like Yellowstone National Park. The U.S. is littered with hundreds of great state and national parks that offer nearly free lodging if you’re willing to rough it up a bit in a tent. Summer vacations don’t have to be about lavish beach resorts. Some of the best childhood memories you can give to a kid can be found in a good ole’ fashioned family camping trip. Most campgrounds and parks offer water recreation options for staying cool and having fun on a hot summer day.

Stay at an all-inclusive resort

If you and your partner are looking for a great, cheap, romantic summer vacation idea, consider staying at an all-inclusive beach resort. For one flat nightly rate, all of your food, drinks, and lodging are covered. All-inclusive resorts often allow couples to save hundreds as compared to an ala-carte style vacation. Do a little research to find a great resort offering a competitive rate. If you can vacation during the week, you’ll be able to save substantially on the nightly rate as compared to the weekend.

Have a city vacation

A great, cheap summer vacation idea is to trek to a near-ish major city you’ve never visited. People living in the Midwest can visit Chicago. If you’re in the south, give Atlanta a try. Big cities offer tons of attractions, venues, and sporting events. Most cities offer packages and incentives to potential visitors to help make their trip more affordable. So pick your city, do a little research, and enjoy all the sights and sounds that an urban area has to offer.

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