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A Frugal Labor Day Weekend

By Cary Anderson

Three day weekends can be just as draining on the wallet as they are looked forward to. But with a little planning and thoughtfulness, you can enjoy the dog days of summer this Labor Day without bulldozing your budget consciousness.

Here are some thoughts and wisdom on how to have a great Labor Day weekend without feeling the pains of having overspent when itís time to get back to work on Tuesday.

Park Yourself at Home

The only gas-powered device you need to fire up this Labor Day weekend is your grill. While many view the three-day weekend as an invitation to travel, it takes quite a lot of planning, organization and money to take a trip. All that energy spent just to go somewhere for a couple of nights?

While a getaway would be nice, think about some ways to have a blast with friends and family at less of an expense that it would cost to escape town for the weekend.

ĒStaycationĒ Approach

Most people take the area they live in for granted to such an extent that they probably donít even realize everything their area has to offer to them. But just as a fun thought exercise, plan your weekend according to what you would do if you were coming to your town on a vacation.

Thereís a word for going on a vacation without traveling anywhere: staycation. You can relax in a backyard pool, visit a local park or point of interest, go camping in your own backyard, or attend a nearby festival.

A staycation requires a little planning and a vow to follow some rules in order to create the feel of a traditional vacation only without the stress associated with traveling somewhere.

Just whatever you do: no working. Thatís rule number one for a staycation. Approach your work-related responsibilities with the same degree of apathy as you would if you were sitting on a beach 5,000 miles away!

Insist on leaving? Check out our frugal summer vacation tips.

Scan the Local Newspaper

Thereís something going on everywhere during Labor Day weekend. Many groups, communities and organizations have had plans in the works for months to attract a crowd over the holiday weekend.

The local newspaper should contain plenty of information regarding Labor Day weekend festivities in the days leading up to the weekend. Keep an eye out and make plans by talking with friends about things you might like to check out in your community.

Just skip over all of the ads for shopping and Labor Day sales. Remember, itís the last great long weekend of summer. Youíve got all winter to shop if you insist on doing so, but why ruin a perfectly great summer weekend day walking around indoors?

Pot Luck BBQ

Youíll be hard-pressed to find a more affordable and enjoyable Labor Day weekend idea than to invite some close friends and family over for a barbeque. Make them the following offer: you will buy and grill all the meat if they come through with side-dishes and drinks.

With the football season kicking off, gathering your favorite people together to grill out, enjoy a couple of beers and watch a football game is a canít-miss recipe for a great weekend. Best of all, whether they say it or not, your friends will appreciate having a place to come celebrate Labor Day without having to spend an arm and a leg themselves!

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