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  Cat Care Tips

 by Deby

Groom your Cat often.

Whether long haired or shorthaired cats should be brushed often to remove lose hairs. This will help with hairballs as they constantly groom themselves. Here are a few tips.

The very first time you brush your cat use a soft bristle brush. Start brushing at the tip of the fur and gently work deeper into the coat to prevent the brush getting stuck in tangles.

Always brush in the direction of the coat. Otherwise the brush can irritate the skin and make your cat run the other direction whenever it sees the brush. When bathing your cat never use human shampoos, they can irritate the skin of a cat.

Play with your Cat daily.

Set aside time everyday to play with your cat. Choose activities that will stimulate them mentally and physically. Keep in mind that a cat plays by chasing, swatting and pouncing.

You do not have to buy expensive toys. Some of your cats favorite toys are probably already in your home. Here are some ideas;

Take a piece of paper and crumple it up in a ball. Toss the paper ball around and watch your cat swat at it and chase it. Some may even pick it up in their mouth or with their claws and bring it back for you to throw again.

One of my Turkish Angoras favorite toys was a small jack ball. She would bat it all around the house and loved to try and pounce on it every time it bounced.

Most cats also love empty paper grocery sacks. Open it up on the floor and scratch the outside and your cat will run inside to check it out. Then just continue to rub or scratch the outside of the bag and your cat will try to paw your hand from inside the bag. You can also dangle and string over the front opening and watch your cat try to grab the string and take it inside the bag.

Your cat could potentially be your companion for 10 years or more so do not miss a minute of the fun and love they can provide.

Fun Cat Trivia and Myths.

The richest cat is Blackie whose owner left him 15 million

pounds. The average cat sleeps 12-14 hours a day.

White cats with blue eyes are often born deaf.

Cats with more than 5 toes on a paw are called Polydactyl cats.

Cats sense of smell is 14 times stronger than a human.

Cats have 230 bones.

The print on a cats nose is like a finger print, each is unique.

Cats have a top speed of 30 miles per hour.

Do cats always land on their feet? No, they fall feet first but may break bones in the process.

Should cats drink milk? No. They don't need it and it can make some sick.

Cats sense of balance is in their whiskers? No. Their whiskers are used as feelers, not to maintain their balance.

Do all cats hate water? No. Some cats, like the Turkish Van like it.

About The Author: Deby has been a writer for Christmas Decorations and Gifts for several years.  Please view our adorable cat ornaments  

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 Category:  Pets

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