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Uncommon Dangers To Carpet In Your Home

By James Carlson

It can be hard to keep your carpet looking good. You probably know that you need to vacuum your carpet regularly and clean it at least once a year but do you know about all of the hidden dangers in your home. Things that can potentially ruin your carpet. Keep reading this short article and learn about a few of the uncommon dangers to your carpet in your home.

One uncommon danger to your carpet is acne medication. If you have children in their teens you probably have several bottles of this lying around your home. The problem with acne medication is that it can bleach your carpet. So if your child applies this medication then touches the carpet they can cause a bleach spot. It will not appear right away but instead will bleach the carpet gradually or with the next carpet cleaning. To prevent this type of damage be sure that your children wash their hands thoroughly after applying acne medication. Also make sure that they store it and use it in areas away from carpeting.

Another uncommon danger to your carpet is latex backed bathroom rugs. These are common in many homes but they can pose a serious threat to carpet. The latex backing, when new, will off gas and could react with your homes carpet turning it yellow. This yellow stain is usually permanent and can not be removed. To prevent this type of damage be sure to buy bath rugs without a latex backing. To minimize the chance of damage if you do buy a latex backed rug, place the rug out in the sun to let the latex backing cure completely.

The last uncommon danger to your carpet that I will talk about is plants. Planters should never be placed on the carpet. They will inevitably at some time or another be over watered. When they are, this mineral rich water will hit your carpet and could stain it permanently. If you must place a planter on the carpet make sure that you have a good drip pan under it and be careful not to over water it.

There are many dangers to your carpet in your home but if you take the time to notice them you can prevent damage and have a long lasting carpet. Good luck and remember to call your carpet cleaner at least once a year for a thorough carpet cleaning.

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