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Sharing Your Car

By Nikki Willhite

As your children reach the age to drive, that opens up a whole lot of new problems. Having a car is important to many teenagers. If they want one, they will spend all their time working to pay for it. Their free time will be limited, and they will not be able to participate in many extracurricular activities at their schools. You will also lose a lot of their help at home.

If your children are not working, they probably won’t have much money, and will want to borrow the car. When do you give it to them, and what about the extra insurance premiums for them to drive it?

What if you have more than one teenager? Then you are looking at scheduling problems. What if you only have one car, and your spouse needs it for work?

This is a time when you are going to have to be extremely organized. One way to do it is to have a Family Council once a week. Everyone sits down together, and part of the agenda is to discuss the upcoming week and the transportation needs of your family.

Have a big calendar with you. Set your priorities, and mark your calendar when someone will be taking the car. If dad needs the car for work , and someone else wants to use it, they will have to plan to take him to work and pick him up. You may be use to doing this when you have shopping or doctor’s appointments planned.

Now your children will have to do the same. It's amazing how quickly your children will get organized when they know they will not get to their activities unless they plan ahead!

Another thing you will have to teach your children to be mindful of it your needs. If they take away your transportation, you may feel vulnerable in case of emergencies. Taking the car away from home should not be taken lightly. You should know where it is, and be able to contact your children if possible.

If you children are only using the car infrequently, but you do want them to use it on occasion (especially if they help with chauffeuring), it is difficult to ask them to pay anything towards car insurance. However, if they have a paper route that you end up helping them with (as we all do), or they use the car on a regular basis, then I think they should be held accountable for some of the additional expenses of their driving it.

If they simply do not have the means to contribute financially, think about having them contribute in other ways. They can wash the car, run errands for you, drive dad to work on occasions, and do special jobs around the house. All these things lead to family unity and develop personal responsibility.


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Category:  Children: Challenges

Related Links:  | Children:Activities and FunChallenges | School | Parenting | Stories | Babies |

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