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Using Canned Meat


By Nikki Willhite

I like to keep a lot of canned meats in my pantry for quick and easy meals.
They are also great for food storage in case of an emergency.

The meats I store are:

Tuna Fish
Roast Beef

These are my favorites, although, obviously there are others like ham.

My 3 sons are heavily into camping. They often take these cans with them, and eat the meat directly out of the can.

Tuna Fish - This is the most common one, that everyone knows how to use, from sandwiches to casseroles with rice and noodles.

Roast Beef - Not as many people use this. It is great heated up by itself, maybe with some french fried onions in it, or fresh green peppers and onions. My favorite recipe, using canned roast beef is my economical version of Beef Stroganoff. I just heat up the Beef, put in my seasonings (sometimes adding green peppers and onions), and then either make a gravy with beef bouillion or add a can of cream of celery soup to make the mixture moist. Then I serve it over noodles. Fast, easy, and delicious!

Chicken - Nothing easier than adding a small can of chicken to Rice-A-Roni at the last minute.

Turkey - See my recipe for turkey crescent rolls in the recipe for November.

Ham - This is great in potato casseroles.

There are many, many uses for canned meat from casseroles, to salads, soups, and sandwiches. It's a good feeling to have a well stocked pantry.


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