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Category:  Clothing and Accessories

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Can You Buy Wholesale Clothing?

By Kathleen Justing

Wholesale clothing appeals to most everyone. The idea of purchasing clothing at the lowest possible wholesale prices means that we can buy twice as much. Well it really doesnít work that way. Buying clothing wholesale is reserved for merchants with vendorís licenses. Now you may think that you are buying womens clothing wholesale or childrens clothing wholesale because of the advertising put before you, but it is really not.

Factory outlet malls give you the impression that you are purchasing products directly from the factory at wholesale prices. Wholesale clothing manufactures do indeed have factory outlet stores, but they are not selling merchandise at wholesale prices. After all they are renting premium store space and paying a sales staff to sell the products. This cost is added to the wholesale cost. You may be able to buy merchandise cheaper at a factory outlet mall, but you are not buying it wholesale.

Another myth is the wholesale clubs. You may think that these clubs sell wholesale groceries or wholesale club clothing, but that is not so. Here again, they have the same expenses as a retail store. There are advertising expenses, sales staff, building, insurance, and utility expenses that all have to be added to the prices. Granted that because you are buying in bulk, you can save lots of money, but you are not buying wholesale.

To purchase wholesale mens clothing, wholesale girls clothing, or wholesale dog clothing, you have to buy in quantity and you need a vendors license. Merchants that sell at flea markets sell their products at low prices because they have a license, buy in large quantities, and have little overhead expenses. Entrepreneurs who sell on Ebay or other such online auction sites have acquired their products the same way.

Wholesale clothing is purchased directly from the factory or a jobber in large quantities so that the purchaser, or what we call the retailer, can sell it in smaller quantities, at higher prices, thus reaping a profit. Thatís what makes the world go around.

So the next time you see a sign saying wholesale designer clothing, or wholesale fashion clothing, in a retail establishment, donít let them fool you. They are making a profit on these clothes that they bought at wholesale prices.

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Category:  Clothing and Accessories

Related Links: | Clothing and Accessories | Beauty |

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