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Category:  Home Improvement

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Home Improvements On A Budget

By Jim Ames

With home improvements, you donít need top dollar to get top quality improvements, inside and out. In fact nearly anyone can improve their home environment Ė with even very limited budgets. It helps to consider the follow, when financing your projects:

1. Decide and plan ahead of time on a budget or payment plan. And then pace your decorating, allowing for up to 10 percent leeway in case of miscalculations or revisions needed in your project. Do include any fees, like for transportation and hauling away of old debris, plus allow funds for any coordinating project equipment or accessories.

2. Decide on one major area or room at a time for improvements and then designate priority tasks within the area or room. Then follow your plan and begin there with the most important tasks first. For example, work on flooring first; you can always coordinate new furniture later if you go over budget with better flooring materials and help up on the front end.

3. Set up a blueprint or similar plan thatís complete with color scheme, style, atmosphere and everything to scale: windows, ceiling, walls, furniture, etc. And do make sure to establish an ETA (estimated time of arrival) or target date youíre your projectís completion. Know when it should end, and monitor progress and regular check in points.

4. You need to have confidence with your home improvement projects. So if you need help or advice, seek it from professionals in the industry. Search Yellow Pages and building associations for referrals to help you.

5. Repeat your theme and color scheme throughout, including at floor level, eye level and mid level so that your project boasts good visual balance. And strive to repeat any pattern and / or textures at least two times in any area or room.

6. You donít need to go overboard with remodeling efforts. Remember that you can simply paint and / or wallpaper an area and even add borders to update or freshen up an area or room for not much money.

7. Bring home swatches and paint sticks of colors so that you can actually view the color choices and patterns in your home Ė and during daylight hours Ė along with the rest of your belongings to get a better feel for how things will be afterwards, before you make your purchase.

So remember, you donít have to spend big time to get big time results! Plan ahead and save.


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Category:  Home Improvement Related Links: 

| Home Improvement | Maintenance: Inside | Maintenance: Outside |

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