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Category:  Christmas

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Budget Ornaments

By Kathy Wilson

Sometimes filling in that holiday tree can be a very expensive proposition! Here are some great easy and cheap projects to deck the halls without breaking the bank!

Ornament 1

frugal ornament

Paper fans. You can create some very elegant ornaments for your tree using paper and a little ribbon. You'll need:

Paper, decorative preferable, old wallpaper, wrapping paper, or even magazine pages
Stapler or glue
Ribbon to hang

Cut your chosen paper into a 6x4 inch rectangle. Fold the paper accordion style all the way across the paper. Now close the accordion at one end, and staple or glue to hold. Tie a ribbon around the closed end, and hang on the tree! This one works best in larger numbers for good impact, and looks very upscale. Tip: A slightly stiffer paper make fans that last longer, some dollar shops sell wallpaper border for a buck!

Ornament 2

frugal ornaments

Dipped cones. No, we're not talking ice cream here! These fit well into a rustic, country, or old fashioned Christmas theme. You'll need:

White paint (leftover works fine) for snow
Foil or wax paper to dry on

Collect pine cones that fit the scale of your tree. If you have a small tree, use small cones! You can also use these in a basket, mantel, or tabletop display. Note: Use good judgment in collecting your pinecones, ask permission if need be!

Pour white paint into an open bowl large enough to dip the pinecones in. Dip the cone into the paint halfway, let excess paint drip off, then set on the wax paper to dry. When completely dry, wrap a piece of ribbon around the top tightly and tie, use ribbon to hang if desired. You can eliminate the ribbon step if you are not hanging them.

Ornament 3

frugal ornaments

Weathered Ornaments. You can easily and quickly create weathered, rustic ornaments that fit into nearly any theme with a small amount of paint and some wooden cutouts. You'll need:

Unfinished wooden cutouts(You can buy them at your craft store cheaply.)
Metallic or earth tone craft paint
Dry paint brush
Ribbon or twine

Using your paint brush, dpi into paint and then dab off most of the paint so the brush is nearly dry. In an up an down motion, brush quickly over the surface of the cutout, giving a broken, antique look. Let dry.

Use ribbon or twine to hang, and love your simple and quick creation!

Ornament 4

frugal ornaments

"Use What You Have" Ornaments

There are many beloved items around our homes that can be used as wonderful and personal decorations during the holidays season, if only we open out eyes. I love to use cookie cutters hung with ribbon to remind me of making holiday cookies with my children. Other ideas include the silverware you got as a wedding present 20 years ago, your children's baby booties, or costume jewelry your Aunt Marge left you. Use your imagination, and look around your home for things that speak of your family.

I wish you all a wonderful and blessed Holiday, and remember that a tight budget shouldn't keep you from decorating your home for the Holidays!

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Category:  Christmas

Related Links:  | HolidaysHalloweenChristmasGifts |

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