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Can You Decorate Your Child's Bedroom On A Strict Budget?

By Don VanPelt

When decorating a kid's bedroom, you have to use a different approach as opposed to when decorating an adult's bedroom. Children's tastes change often as they grow up, and they usually adapt to the styles of their environment (fellow kids and friends); so their interests are still not fixed. You will be very surprised seeing your kid who was once a sporty gal turning out to be a demure, pink-loving princess! The room you furnished a few years ago will be of no use at all when the time comes that she chooses her real passion and interest.

Your child's room should signify or show their personality, since it is their own private place inside the house. So here are some quick and easy tips to help you decorate your child's room. You can consider their interests and still avoid overwhelming expenses that crash the budget.

1) Paint with your child's consent.

Try to talk to your child and ask him or her about her favorites; for example, his or her favorite things or colors. You don't need to change the painting of the whole room. Sometimes adding accents or changing the trim is just enough. This is often easier than painting the room all over again. Here are some fun ways to enjoy painting with your child:

* Try decorative painting! Paint with bright colors and have it bordered with a contrasting color to make the wall more appealing.

* Use interesting borders; for example a green to represent a beautiful lea full of colorful flowers and add insects flying above them. Your child may enjoy lying underneath the blue sky which can be painted on the ceiling. Maybe for boys you would choose to paint roads and trucks.

* On the ceiling, you could paint images like a starry night, to make him or her relaxed during the night. Glow-in-the dark paint can be fun, especially for when he or she is already lying in bed.

* Older children will enjoy offering their opinions about what they want their room to look like.

2) Decorate with easy-to-find art accessories.

Make sure you add decorative art materials or designs in your child's bedroom.

* Check department stores or art stores for cheap but appealing art accessories. Or to make most of the a limited budget, make a decoration of your own!

* You can hang picture frames on the wall. It may be made with your child's favorite characters filling up the whole frame or anything that fits to the design of the wall. Make sure the colors contrast the wall so that they stand out. The pictures can be taken from magazines or old calendars with appropriate pictures of beautiful images that would suit the room's theme.

* You can put glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling or on the wall. This can enhance the beauty of the room even when the lights are shut off.

* Add a bulletin board on one wall to allow the child post anything he or she wants to post, such as his best artwork or notes, etc. The bulletin board may be made up of soft wood to make it more accessible for the child to easily post right away.

* A mobile phone on top of their bedside desks can be decorated with anything your child wants. You can add a phone cradle made out of driftwood or foam, or you can buy one at many stores inexpensively.

3) Use old colorful fabrics or ribbons.

Colorful fabrics can be used as desk covers, rags or curtain ties depending on the room's theme. These can often be found very inexpensively to complement any decor.

* Decorate the windows of the room with curtains, you can use hand-sewn ribbons to tie them. Cover the obvious sewn areas with buttons or anything that fits the curtains so they look finished.

* As for the curtain rods, you can use wooden dowels covered with cloth, or use a nice piece of white rope tied together to make it look pleasant.

* As for mattresses and pillow cases, you can shop during clearance sales at stores and just mix-and-match rather than buy an expensive set of bedding.

4) Hand paint furniture.

Old furniture in the room need not to be cast off. You may just have to repaint it, then wow! You'll have the same old furniture with a sharp new look!

* Chairs and tables with mild damage (like paint cracks, etc.), often need just a simple retouch of paint and gloss. Just match the color to the room so as to complete the whole theme of your child's newly reborn room.

* If you're good at painting, you can decorate shapes or anything on the chair or table surfaces. If a book shelf is present, you can paint it to go along with the theme. Or if you aren't a painter by heart, then stickers are available. Just apply the stickers to the surface of the furniture, paint the whole thing with the desired color, then remove the sticker when the paint gets dry for an interesting effect.

* Shop clearance sales, garage sales or thrift stores for cheap furniture that would suit the taste of you and your child.

There are so many ways to create and decorate a room for your child on a limited budget! Be patient when shopping for inexpensive items, recycle useful cast-offs, and most importantly, use your wild imaginationóbut of course, the most important secret to success is to have your child's interests and passions at the top of the list.

About the Author: Don VanPelt is a writer for Bunk Beds Central who has published many articles about bunk beds. Read his comments and recommendations for the best places to buy bunk beds at Bunk Beds Central.


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