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Budget Ways To Decroate a Living Room with Traditional Style

By Veronica Smith

Traditional decorating style is popular for homes because it has an established, orderly, balanced appeal that holds a familiar comfort for family members. Decorating a living room in this style can be accomplished on a small budget, using the following ideas to help you get started.

Combine different furniture styles: In a traditional living room the furniture can combine antiques with newer pieces. The good thing about this is that you don.t have to adhere to a particular style or period when shopping for furniture at yard sales or thrift stores, which usually have an eclectic mix of furniture. Just make sure that there is a consistency running through the pieces you choose. Look out for dark and red toned wood and elegantly structured chairs with rich-looking upholstery.

Mix up fabrics: For window treatments, upholstery, and throw pillows, fabrics like brocade and velvet suit the traditional style. It is common for patterns to be busy but have a sense of order, like floral designs, plaids, and stripes. Select different fabrics that go well together but don.t necessarily match perfectly. You can find lots of interesting fabrics in thrift stores. Browse through bed, table, and kitchen linens and leftover batches of cloth. Visit wholesale fabric stores for inexpensive fabric purchases.

Makeover chairs: A great furniture find at a thrift store may not be in tip top condition, but can easily get there with a fresh coat of paint and new fabric. To re-upholster your chairs, all you need is a staple gun, new padding, and your choice of fabric.

Arrange items in pairs: Accessories in a traditional-styled room can include elegant lamps, china, delicate vases, traditional mirrors, and classic pieces of art. A tip for arranging these items is to have two of them placed symmetrically in the room. For example, place two similar floor lamps across the room from each other, or hang a mirror on either side of a large painting. This will add balance and organization to the living room.

Dress up walls with stenciling and wallpaper: A traditional living room usually has rich colors with touches of silver or gold. Inexpensive wallpaper and stenciling are great ways to achieve the look on the walls. Look for deep red, blue, or green colors with silver or gold patterns or accents, as well as classic patterns like the fleur-de-lis.

Choose classic accents: When shopping for accessories, more isn.t necessarily better. A few classic accents can convey elegance and tradition. A family photograph in a lovely bronze frame, a reproduction of a classic still life painting, and an embroidered throw pillow make ideal accents for your living room.

Add your own trim: If you aren.t able to afford the fancy and lavish furnishings, add zest to what you have with expensive-looking trim that you can find at home improvement stores. For example, add nail head trim to an old leather armchair, elegant fringe to a plain lampshade, and pewter drawer knobs to a coffee table or armoire.

After acting as a contributing editor for, Veronica Smith, an award winning designer in her own right offers tips on displaying metal art sculpture and palm tree wall art.

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