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Budget-Friendly Ways to Organize a Mud Room

By Alyssa Davis

If your home has a mud room or utility room, you probably already know how handy these areas can be. However, even though they can be extremely useful, they can also be quite difficult to keep neat and organized. These rooms usually serve as a transition area between the outdoors and the interior of your home, so it's common to find boots, jackets, pet supplies, gardening tools, and other items that need to be kept handy. If you'd like to find a way to organize your mud room, here are some budget-friendly ways to get the job done quickly.

Keep Items off the Floor

Almost any room in your home will seem more spacious, neat and "people-friendly" if you can just keep clutter from collecting on the floor. When items are placed directly on the floor of the room, your eyes tend to be drawn down, which simply makes you notice the clutter even more. It can also create obstacles to walk around, creating safety issues in the room. Additionally, because the floor of a mud room often becomes damp or even downright wet at times, items placed on the floor could be at risk for becoming damaged. Wall shelves are a better solution for storing items neatly in the mud room. Shelves are easy on the budget, but will go a long way towards helping you clean up this busy area of your home. Wall shelves that also include a peg or hook rack can be especially useful, giving you an area to hang jackets, pet leashes and umbrellas. Some wall shelving units even include doors, which can help reduce visual clutter. You can save money by looking for used wall shelves at flea markets, second-hand shops or neighborhood garage sales. Many times these shelves are in near perfect condition, and were only discarded because somebody redecorated their home.

Provide a Convenient Seating Area

If you've ever struggled to put your boots on or take your wet gardening shoes off in the mud room, you know how handy having a place to sit down can be. A simple wooden chair or a garden bench can be an inexpensive way of adding safety and functionality to the area. Or, find an inexpensive storage bench, which can do double-duty by providing hidden storage in addition to serving as a seating area. Although these benches usually cost more than the average bench or wooden chair, you can save money by purchasing one that you have to assemble yourself. Purchasing knock-down furniture, often referred to as "flatpack" furniture, can be an economical way of adding useful furniture pieces to your home. They can be purchased in flat portable boxes at many department and home supply stores, and are easy to assemble using common hand tools.

Decorating the Mud Room

Although mud rooms are inherently designed for functionality, adding a few design features can also give the room a nice touch. A wall mirror can be especially handy, giving you a spot to check your hair or hat before and after going outdoors. Decorative boxes and baskets can be useful for holding gardening tools, gloves and other personal accessories. A couple inexpensive framed art prints or decorative wooden signs can add the finishing touch.

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