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Budget Decorating: Changing The Paint To Change Your Room

By Alyssa Davis

The color of a room has a significant impact on the eye of the beholder. Think about the feelings and thoughts that are impressed upon you when you enter a room bathed in color. They may be subtle sensations of calmness or detachment, or reactions that have a greater impact, like passion or urgency.

The way colors are put together in a room is an important factor in how the room is perceived. For instance, an icy blue that looks cold and unwelcoming on its own can contribute a refreshing vibe to a room when tastefully combined with a warm chocolate brown and pale yellow.

If you wish to change the look of your room with paint, first consider the effect you want to achieve. Would you like a more dramatic look that commands attention? Or a greater feeling of tranquility and blending in of the different color tones? Do you desire a more relaxing space, a higher degree of elegance, or more coziness? Happily, paint can be applied and changed up for little cost. Consider the walls, ceiling, trim, and furniture when deciding where to apply your new shade of paint.

Effects of Wall Color

Hues of red raise excitement and energy, and are great for encouraging conversation in living rooms. A red accent wall adds warmth and can work with shades of brown and white accents, or grey tones on the remaining walls. Walls that are a relaxing light blue give comfort when balanced with warm colors in furnishings and fabrics. Green walls promote warmth and relieve stress, and a sage green is great for bringing out the tones of cherry wood furniture. Neutral shades can create an elegant look and work best with multiple textures in the room.

Painting Trim and Ceiling

The look of your room can be changed simply by the color you choose for the trim. Painting trim a lighter contrasting color to the walls, like an off-white shade, highlights the detail of the room, and can lend a finished touch to the overall appearance. Painting the trim a darker color than the walls produces an interesting effect, and can make a room look more traditional. If you decide to cover the trim in the same color as the walls, you can achieve a unifying appearance and draw more attention to the furnishings in the space.

Whether you paint the ceiling or leave it white makes a big difference to the look of the room as well. A ceiling in the same shade as the walls may result in a more intimate, cozy space. A ceiling painted in a contrasting color makes a huge impact on a room and can bring out the room.s colors more effectively.

Painting Furniture

Change the look of your room by changing the color of the furniture. Unify pieces and inject a sleek style with glossy black paint. Or create a country or shabby chic look for the room by whitewashing furniture and lightly sanding them to produce a distressed look. Painting a single accent piece in your room a bold color makes a dramatic statement in an otherwise ordinary room.

Alyssa Davis writes and designs for and she is happy to share many ideas on creating stylish interiors with abstract wall decoration and fleur de lis wall art.

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