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The Black And White Decorating Theme

By Hunter Pyle

Black and white, two simple colors, but what an amazing effect they can have upon the décor of any room. Together, they are dramatic and effectively create a strong impression. You can use the two together, subtly or an in-your-face manner.

Adding just a touch of black to a white-themed room provides a focal point. Everyone will notice immediately and be drawn to the touch of black. It draws the eye to whatever you want seen – that special picture or art object, for example.

A touch of black in a white-themed room, or a touch of white in a black-themed room, can be very dramatic. Place a black rug in a white walled and light furniture room or the converse, and the effect will be, well, dramatic. Add black trim, paint one wall black, use a piece of black furniture or accessorize with black paintings, wall sconces or lighting and see what happens to a pale room.

Black and white, used well together, play off each other’s strengths. The starkness of their placement together creates an elegant and contemporary look. It is fresh and startling, elegant and sophisticated. Black and white can be the perfect color combination.

There are a variety of ways to approach the black and white decorating theme in your home. Start off by considering the floor area. Try changing your floor tiles to a simple “checked” theme of black and white. There are a number of ways to achieve this. Buy and install solid black and solid white tiles in an alternate pattern, buy black tiles with a white border or black tiles bordered by black, or experiment with patterned black and white tiles.

As noted above, hang black-framed or frame black art pieces against a white wall. Combine the two colors within the wall and painting, photograph or print scheme by placing the dark painting or other work, on a white matte surrounded by a black frame and hanging it on a white wall. This will not only highlight the art work and emphasize your walls, but provide a depth to the work so displayed.

In a bedroom or living room, utilize the black white theme in the coverings. Bedspreads, linens, pillows, throw pillows, seat covers and afghans or other coverings can be white or black or both. In any room, the table tops or floor coverings can reflect this decorating theme with class. For romantic or a medieval touch place black metal sconces against a white wall or black candlesticks on a white dresser or table. Both also add a touch of sophistication.

Black and/or white countertops in the kitchen or bathroom can provide a sense of elegance. The use of iron or wicker furniture in black or white in the living room, sunroom or outdoor patio, add a sense of old fashioned grace. Top an iron table with glass. Set upon it white pots holding colorful flowers or black metal containers containing plants of various shades of color. The contrast between the black and white will be heightened by the touch of color.

If you ever want to add drama, elegance and a touch of sophistication to your decorating consider working in the two starkest colors of all – black and white.

About the Author: Hunter Pyle wrote this article to talk about another theme: black and white. Check out Get Organized or Kitchen and Much More for some more cool theme ideas.


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
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