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What Are the Best Times of the Year to Buy a New Car?

By Levi Quinn

As a prospective buyer, you often wonder when is the right time for buying a car. Are there certain periods in the year more suitable for it? If yes, then what time is it? Manuals on how to buy a car that tell you about this, more often than not burn a big hole in your pocket. But in contrast to these lengthy expensive manuals, we here offer you some valuable advice that will not take up much of your time and come absolutely free.

There are various theories one encounters while researching on the topic. One such theory states that the best time to purchase a car is during Christmas. The whole Christmas season has people shopping for gifts and generally no one is interested in buying a car. As a result, dealers are more open to bargain and salesmen settle on a lower price more readily. Hence the chance of your offer being accepted without too much haggling is greater. This theory further proposes that you can also get a good deal from the month of July to October as it is around this time that dealers try to get rid of old stocks to accommodate new arrivals. In order to provide space for the new models dealers willingly reduce prices of the present range. Despite the fact that these cars apparently seem cheaper, we believe that clearance sales are not that favorable to buyers for reasons more than one. Especially in case of used cars, you run the risk of purchasing a car that has not been sold earlier as it is most out of shape.

Another theory dismisses both of the above statements and recommends that the best time to buy a car is when you feel you are ready to buy a car. It is when you are sure of what you want and have already done the required homework. Car dealers and salesmen are only interested in their own pay checks and will do their best to sell you a car that will give them the highest commission. They also try to hurry you into buying a car the moment you enter the showroom and it is due to this created sense of urgency that you end up buying the car they prescribe and not the one you want.

Irrespective of when you decide to buy a car, the key to getting a good deal is information. Be it at Christmas, or during clearance sales or anytime that is suitable for you, it is very important that you research thoroughly the models you are interested in. Make sure you are clear about the things you are looking for in your new car and already have an idea of the deals currently available on the car of your choice. You can really buy a car anytime provided you are well prepared.

If you are still not feeling very confident here are four simple steps to help you profitable deals while looking for a car no matter what time of the year it is.

i) Some dealers refuse to bargain over the price of a car. If they accept you opening offer too willingly and do not try to barter for a higher price, there might be something wrong. Go somewhere else.

ii) While negotiating the cost of a car do not discuss the monthly expenses the car entails. Instead focus on the price of the car and its various features. You’ll end up playing less.

iii) If you are thinking of buying a new car never wait till your old car has totally stopped functioning. If you are desperate for a car, the car dealer will sense that and take advantage. Make sure you have enough time so that you can look around and settle for the best deal available. Never shop under desperate circumstances as it stops you from making correct judgments.

iv) Make sure that you have researched enough before settling for a car. Check whether the car suits your needs before any money changes hand.

We believe that the best time to buy a car is not any particular month or season. It is not a particular date on the calendar but any time when you are in the position to make the requisite inquiries and do the necessary. We suggest that you purchase one of the widely available books that discuss this subject and begin by reading it. So go ahead and see yourself get a car you can be proud of. We wish you best of luck.

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