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5 Ways To Give Your Bedroom New Life

By Sue Ticotin

You may have reached a point where you’ve grown tired of your current surroundings, your tastes or trends have changed, or perhaps your friends joke about the lava lamps and beaded curtains still adorning your private sanctuary. Regardless of your budget or decorating skills, there are some things you can do that will give new life to your bedroom.

Home stagers and designers are skilled at transforming rooms that are more inviting because they know how to get the most out of arranging their client’s heirlooms, cherished treasures, and furniture. Finding new ways to display objects or finding new purposes for pieces are just a few tricks of the trade.

You can do the same and here are 5 ideas to help you get started:

1 De-clutter – The best thing you can do for yourself is to periodically go through your room to remove unneeded or unwanted objects. If you haven’t used, read, or worn something for at least a year, get rid of it, find a new use for it, or give it to charity. Having some sense of order has a psychological affect on how we feel about ourselves. If the task seems too daunting, tackle only small areas at a time and eventually you will have a de-cluttered space. If your time is limited or you really need help in this department, find an organizational professional to help you with this task.

2 Decorative Accessories – Arranging accessories is a true art. Visit your favorite stores to study their displays and take note of how they use color, variety, and texture to create an interesting arrangement. To set up a table display, start with the tallest or largest object first. Add medium and smaller sized pieces. The trick is to arrange objects that will lead the eye from the larger items to the medium and smaller items and then to the table surface. Overlap pieces or set lamps on top of objects to give more height and depth to the arrangement. This creates a visually interesting display. If there is a wall display behind the table, have the larger or more vertical pieces tie into those items. Using similar shapes and hues creates unity. Be careful not to use too many accessories, as the affect can be overwhelming.

3 Color – Replace pillows, artwork, lampshades, and accessories in a different or fun color to freshen up your overall color scheme. Use colors that make YOU happy. We all know that color can affect mood so pay attention to your body’s response to different colors. There’s a reason you are drawn to certain colors so why not use them in one of the most important rooms in the house? Find items around your home to use or seek out decorative accents that will enhance the look. Color can come from many sources including lighting, which can affect colors in the room in unexpected ways. Use an interesting chandelier or candles for ambiance.

4 Update Your Current Bedding – Bedding today is all about layering. Add a quilted coverlet and shams. This adds texture and some volume to your bedding, making it cozy and inviting. Change or add decorative pillows or shams in new colors for interest. If you own a really fabulous pillow, purchase bed linens that will showcase it. I found a really fabulous pillow in red, but didn’t want to do my entire room in red. I found that the red pillow served two purposes. It gave the room my personality and it always made me happy to look to at. There are so many choices and textures in decorative pillows today. Pillows with beading or unusual fabrics can make a difference. Throws come in all sorts of fabrics – wools, cashmere, fleece, and fur and are great for a special decorative touch.

5 The Unexpected – You can really crank up the “Wow” in your room by adding the unexpected. Use serving tables, trunks, or old suitcases to function as bedside tables. Using something that can also be used for storage is an added bonus. Display your collectibles from travels or find unusual objects to display. I once visited a friend who found a large wasp nest (no longer occupied, of course) and hung it from ceiling. Instead of hanging art or prints on the wall, mount a kimono or wearable art piece. Angle your bed and place a stunning folding screen behind it. Screens can be painted or covered with fabric and are another great source for adding or changing color in your room. An unusually tall headboard can help bring more focus to the bed as the focal point of the room. It’s also a great way to embrace a room with high ceilings. Add fragrance with scented candles, flowers, or herbal fragrances (lavender encourages relaxation). Flower arrangements in unusual containers can add a fun element to the room.

Finding just the right accessories, furniture, or bedding takes time. Enjoy the hunt. Use what you have, purchase only the things that you truly love, and decorate in colors that make you happy.

About the Author: Sue Ticotin's is a source for luxury bedding & duvets, European fine linens, custom bedding, coverlets, throws, shams, luxury baby bedding, decorative pillows, draperies, and accessories.


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