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Bedroom Decorating on a Budget

By Veronica Smith

If your little princess would like a princess-themed bedroom but your budget cannot withstand the elegance a princess requires, try these budget bedroom decorating ideas. It is possible to give your little girl the bedroom of her dreams without spending a small fortune. The following ideas will help you decorate a beautiful bedroom with a princess theme for your very special princess, and you can easily stick to a decorating budget.

Paint for a Princess

If your little girl's bedroom walls could use a facelift, visit your local paint store. Paint is the cheapest way to change the entire appearance of a room, and every princess must have walls that are fit for a palace. Many little girl's who want a princess theme prefer pink, but pink is not the only color choice when decorating a princess-themed bedroom. A beautiful shade of light blue or creamy yellow are also excellent choices, and the color you choose is a matter of personal preference. You might even consider painting one wall a different color than the walls in the rest of the bedroom. This is a good idea if you plan to create a focal point on the accent wall.

Decorating with Princess Wall Decals

Not everyone has the time or the talent for painting wall murals. Professional wall murals are quite expensive, and they can be difficult to cover when they become outdated. When decorating a bedroom on a budget search for wall decals. They are paper-thin and they look like high-quality wall paintings. For less than $20 you can create a magical display on a wall, a door, or around a window. Best of all, peel-and-stick decals are removable, and they will not leave behind adhesive residue. When removed carefully, they can be repositioned again and again. Your little princess with love them!

Princess Bedding on a Budget

Character bedding is expensive, and it is far more costly than ordinary solid colored bedding. Instead of purchasing name brand bedding for a little girl's bedroom with a princess theme, buy solid colored bedding that matches the room. Accessorize with lacy throw pillows and a couple of homemade character pillows. You can easily make character pillows using the material from pillow cases and budget pillow batting. Sew lace around the edges and you will have budget throw pillows to match the princess theme.

Buy Her a Faux Jeweled Canopy

All little princesses should have a canopy bed, but a built-in canopy is not required to give your princess the bed of her dreams. With a little creativity and imagination you can make a faux jeweled canopy from a hanging circle of netting. Some people recommend making a canopy, but yards of netting and the required supplies cost as much as buying low-cost ready-made varieties, and those on a budget really will not save money if they buy the material and necessary supplies. Buy a ready-made netted canopy to coordinate with the colors of the bedroom, and attach peel-and-stick faux gems, or sew on buttons that look like sparkling gemstones for a one-of-a-kind canopy to hang over the bed.

Decorating with Budget Flooring

Floor covering is an important part of any home decorating project, but it is not always convenient or feasible to invest in new flooring. Two or three color-coordinating throw rugs can make a huge difference in the look of bedroom, especially a bedroom with a princess theme. These days you will find all types of throw rugs that are fancier and plusher than the typical latex-backed rugs of days gone by, and many are priced for those on a budget. Now you will find everything from princess-themed rugs to solid colored plush rugs of all shapes and sizes.

Decorating Faux Jeweled Accessories

Ordinary lampshades, toy boxes, and even ceiling fans can be embellished with faux jewels when decorating a bedroom in a princess theme. Search online for faux peel-and-stick gemstones, or visit your local craft store. Include your child in decorating her bedroom with a princess theme, and apply budget gemstones around doorframes, on ceiling fan blades, around the edges of toy boxes, or any other appropriate places.

It really does not take a lot of money to decorate a little girl's bedroom in a princess theme. Creativity and imagination are both priceless. Look for budget ways to make the bedroom more luxurious, and give her a bedroom that will make her feel like a real princess.

Veronica Smith with has developed an interest in expanding the use of metal wall art as well as tree wall hangings.

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