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Lesson # 11 -The Bear Claw Block

Every quilter eventually has their favorite block.  Mine is the Bear Paw. 

Some blocks lend themselves to certain colors.  The Bear Paw is one of those  rustic designs that looks good in Autumn colors, and seems to bring nature into your home.

It can be confusing when you see the blocks together.  At first you think that you will have to make the blocks differently- with the "claws" going in different directions.  However, they are all made the same.  It is just because they are turned that they look different.

There is nothing new to learn with this block.  It is made up of squares and half squares.  Sashing strips are often put between the blocks,  and a small square added in the middle.

When I made my last Bear Paw quilt, I didn't use anything but the block itself.

I made the large blocks half triangles, and used plaid on one half of the square to give it a more homespun, rustic flavor.

You can make the center block and paws (half triangles) any size you want.  They just have to fit together.

If your paws finish at 2-inches, you center square will finish at 6 inches, and you small squares in the corner will also be 2-inches.

Refer to the Half Square Triangle Lesson for making the large squares.

I hope you are beginning to see that if you learn just a few basic skills, you have lots of ways you can use them creatively to make your own projects that reflect your own style.

On to the final Lesson-  #12 -
The Churn Dash

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