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2007 Top Five Emerging Home Decor Trends

By Breiana Cecil-Satchwell

Greetings friends! It’s hard to believe another year has passed, but we know what that means. Every New Year brings new design trends and 2007 is bursting at the seams with them! Every week I will publish one of my top five favorite emerging trends in design and décor world for 2007, I hope you find it helpful and inspiring.

Innovative ideas, retro styles, and effervescent colors are arriving on the scene as we speak (or read). Whether you are ready for an updated look, or even if you just completed your project, there is something for everyone in the coming year.

These are my top five favorite emerging trends in design and décor world for 2007:

1. DIY- Do It Yourselves, girls and boys! Now, you’re thinking, “why would any designer exploit this idea?!” Well, let me just say that everyone is worthy of beautiful surroundings. Truth be told though, personal designers can be pricey! Now there are a lot of situations where we should leave it to the professionals, but not in every case. With numerous programs, blogs, and publications sharing great ideas with the general public, there is no reason not to be taking advantage! I was just at Lowe’s the other day and I picked up a great book called 1001 Paint & Color Ideas. I have only done a minor amount of faux finishing in my lifetime, but in about 2 hours the backsplash of my new kitchen had a mosaic finish! I think the whole project probably cost me $10! Faux finishing is one of the many DIY projects available! Just keep your eyes and mind open to new ideas, and let your creative side free!

2. Understated lines are where it’s at! Open any number of home magazines, walk into a furniture store, or just watch your favorite sitcom! Whether it be sofas, occasional tables, or patterns on rugs, designers are leaning towards simple, not-so-busy designs. I believe the roots of this trend directly correlate with the chaos that our every day lives can bring. When we are at home we want to feel relaxed and comfortable. Simplicity in your décor can and will do that for you. Also, if you are an art enthusiast like myself, you will find that even the most dynamic piece of artwork (Klimt is one of my favorites) will fit perfectly in an otherwise calm and uncomplicated space.

3. Little changes make big differences! So many people concentrate on the bigger aspects of design to give a room a makeover. What they don’t realize is that the little things can make such a big difference! Drawer pulls and knobs, pottery, artwork, mirrors and one of my most recent favorites—unique headboards! I am a huge fan of Japanese style! So, when my husband and I moved into our new apartment a couple weeks ago, one of the few things that we didn’t need to buy was a bed frame. I love the idea of a bed on the floor--it’s easy, and it’s great feng shui! One thing that I have really been looking into is creating a unique headboard. There are some fabulous ideas for this! For example, find a horizontal piece of artwork, frame it to fit the width of your mattress and hang it on the wall above your bed (leave about 6 inches between the top of the mattress and the bottom of the work). Or, buy a number of blank, ready-made canvases and paint them the color(s) of your choice. Then, hang them on the wall in a level row (or do several rows) behind your bed (the same concept can be used by stretching fabric over the canvases). One of my favorite ideas is to use a Japanese screen as a headboard. There are numerous styles! Just pull your bed out a bit from your wall to allow the screen to bend at the hinges.

4. Comfort through color is the essence of a great décor. Many people are not aware of just how big of a role color plays in surrounding. The color of a roomaffects a person mentally, emotionally, and physically. This year the forecast seems to be leaning towards finding comfort and stability in unpredictable times. The environmental crisis is an issue that we cannot continue to ignore, and the design industry was one of the first to take it on board. This year the color forecast is directly affected by earth friendly concepts. "There's more interest in organic products, yoga and Pilates, recycling, and conservation of fuel and fresh water." (Becky Ralich Spak senior designer, Color Marketing and Design, Sherwin-Williams) Natural greens, blues, and golds are finding their way into homes as well as fashion, automobile, and web design. Think the Impressionists—Cezanne, Monet, and Manet. Sherwin-Williams forecasts colors like Naval, Inland, Sapphire, Gallant Gold, and Raindrop for this palette. Another beautiful palette brings comfort with cultural perspective. Influences from Eastern cultures bring warmth and creative influence into our homes. Bold and rich colors like maroons, plums, and oranges may seem risky to put together, but when you look at Eastern prints and fabrics, they couldn’t be a more beautiful combination. Still not convinced? Check out Modigliani, Klimt, and Degas who all blend rich and bold to create masterpieces. Sherwin-Williams forecasts colors like Marooned, Gingery, Aurora Brown, and Fine Wine for this palette.

5. Give me personal space! It seems like no matter what our clients’ style may be, they are always eager to fit their intimate belongings into the space. There has been a turn from the standard matchy-matchy décor. This year the industry expects people to go more eclectic, adding heirlooms, artwork, antiques, and ‘forgottens’ in the attic to even their most prized rooms. To reiterate from before, people are intrinsically looking for comfort. These times are fast, impersonal, and mass-produced. We deal with enough of that at work, and the general public doesn’t want it at home. So, take a gander in the attic, under the bed, or in that old closet that hasn’t been opened for five years, you may find something you like!!!

Well, can you see the general focus of these 2007 trends? People are interested in becoming more at one with their homes again. Rather than the cold, catalogue, show home look of the past, homeowners are focusing on what makes them feel comfortable in their space. Where is the pride in a beautiful home that you cannot unwind in? And what gives us more pride than playing a part in creating our own surroundings? Be open, creative, and make a home that makes you feel good! Happy New Year!

Breiana Cecil-Satchwell of graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design and in Studio Art. Breiana is an avid enthusiast of the art and design world and intends on continuing her contribution to the industry. Talk to Breiana on the ArtCorner Blog today!


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