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There Are Other Possibilities For Your Attic Than Storage

By Bianca Bartegi

For the majority of homeowners, the attic is place for collecting dust, and perhaps the Christmas tree, some old toys and a few boxes, the contents long forgotten. However there are options besides storage space, such as attic remodeling. Remodeling can allow you to reclaim your attic space, converting it into a playroom, an office or even an extra bedroom. The extra space can add significantly to the value of your property without the need for extending the building outwards.

One of the major challenges you will face when remodeling your attic is finding a way to work around the water pipes, heating and air conditioning units that are found in most attic spaces. Some even have a water tank. Another consideration is making sure the floor is structurally sound and will be able to take the weight of people and furniture. Get a professional to take a look at your attic and tell you what is possible and what will need to be done to make use of the extra space, before you invest any money in the remodeling project. An experienced contractor can tell you which fixtures can be moved and which must remain as they are, as well as whether your floor can be made reinforced for safe use.

Another factor you should check is the insulation in your attic. Homes lose thirty five per cent of their heat through the roof so good insulation is important to keep warm air in during the winter and cool air in during the summer months. For attic spaces that will not form part of your remodeling project, you need to install the right level of fiber insulation for efficient energy use in your home. If new walls are to be put up during the remodeling these will also need to be insulated with batts, thick sheets of insulation material.

Before the dry wall is installed in your remodeled attic, be sure to check there is sufficient sealant to allow heating and cooling in the room. You could consider having vents put in to facilitate air movement throughout the space. Donít forget that hot air rises, so an attic room without the right level of insulation and ventilation can get hot and stuffy, particularly in summer.

Low attic ceilings can prove a hindrance in attic remodeling projects. Rafters in the roof help to support the house and sometimes these cannot be moved or altered. Check with a professional, but changing the height of the ceiling often requires taking off the whole roof and altering the roofline. This can prove expensive so be sure of the results you are going to achieve, and the value that the remodeling will add to your home, before you take this action.

Once the remodeling work is complete, take time to decorate the space in your own personal style and enjoy your reclaimed room. If you are creating a playroom for your children, let them have a hand in choosing the decorations, go wild with colors and remember to include lots of storage for toys and games. If you have chosen to use the attic as a guest bedroom it may be an ideal space to display ornaments and souvenirs from your travels that your guests will enjoy.

Bianca Bartegi continually creates informative papers on issues relating to cabinets and decorating. His articles on kitchen remodeling are found on


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Category:  Home Improvement Related Links: 

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