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Category:  Cleaning

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Ten Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Organized

By Nancy Dean

The bathroom is one of the most often used rooms in the house so it's easy for it to quickly become unorganized, dirty and cluttered. To make it easier to organize your bathroom, it's always good to begin with a clean space in which to work. Here are some helpful tips to make cleaning and organizing your bathroom a breeze.

Five Tips to Keep the Bathroom Clean

Start with countertops and around the sink de-cluttering surfaces and wiping down with your favorite cleanser. It's easy to keep faucets and spigots clean with an old toothbrush, which are also good to use for grout and hard to reach parts of the toilet. Just be sure to keep your cleaning toothbrushes away from the "real" ones!

Next is the toilet, put some cleanser inside the bowel to soak while you work on other parts of the room. Remove any items from the tank, wipe it down making sure to remember the handle and behind the hinges of the seat where hair, dirt and dust easily build up. Wipe down the outside of the lid and the top and bottom of the toilet seat. Wipe around the bowel of the toilet and around the base where it bolts to the floor, an often neglected spot.

If you have a lot of soap scum in your bathtub or shower, spray down the surfaces when you begin cleaning the room to save time. Use a non-abrasive scouring pad and be sure to rinse completely clean. Don't forget the faucets, soap holders and shower curtain.

Using a broom or dry mop, or even the vacuum cleaner, sweep up all of the dust and hair that's accumulated on the floor remembering to also get inside the closet. Now using a wet mop and some cleaner, wipe down the floor and allow to dry. For good measure, sweep one more time after the floor has dried to remove any stray hairs or debris that may have snuck back in.

Five Tips to Keep the Bathroom Organized

Hang a cheap, plastic shoe bag on the back of the door or inside the closet and stuff a few pockets with rolled up towels and wash cloths.

Keep drawers organized by categories such as make-up in one, first-aid supplies in another and hair care items in yet another. Hair dryers and curling irons can be hung on hooks on walls or doors to save drawer or shelf space.

Extra rolls of toilet paper can be stored on top of the toilet tank or on a spindle in the closet or even next to the toilet. If space is at a premium, use slim, vertical cabinets or shelves that are able to fit in just about any area and are great for holding toilet paper, bottles of shampoo, soap, and towels.

If your bathroom or its closet is large enough, use more than one hamper or basket for dirty clothes keeping whites and darks separate to save time sorting on laundry day.

Stick to a firm rule that nothing should be stored loose under the sink or on closet shelves. Use small plastic bins to keep like items together and everything neatly in its place. Using plastic containers helps eliminate messes and allows for easy clean-up in case something should leak. As with drawers, similar items should be kept separate in their own bins.

Getting your bathroom clean and organized is only half the battle. The next major step is to keep it that way! For some handy tools to make your task easier, pick up some shower organizers and bathroom space savers at Get Organized.


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Category:  Cleaning

Related Links:  | CleaningClutter Control |

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