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Bathing Your Dog

By Jayne Waldorf

Great care should be taken when bathing you dog; his ears must be protected from the water with large cotton wool balls. If water enters the ear canals he may get an ear infection. The symptoms of an ear infection are a shaking of his head and a constant discharge from his ears.

How often you bath your dog depends on his breed. If long haired breeds are bathed too often their skin and coat will not protect the dog as well as they should. However sometimes it is unavoidable if the dog has messed its self due to illness then it would be necessary for the sake of hygiene.

Ensure that bath products used stipulate that they are suitable for dogs. Human shampoo and soap is not suitable to use on your dog. Human shampoo and soap could irritate the skin of your dog. If you use a new product be sure and read the label.

Dogs love water if you take him out to where there is river or stream let him have a swim in it. Ensure that you are organized with the lease to hand and a towel. When bathing your dog organize yourself before hand and make sure you have everything you need within reach.

As with humans if you use conditioner on your dog at bath time his coat will be easier to comb.

If you donít clean your dogs ears properly you could damage them as they are very delicate. In order to clean your dogs ears properly you need to ;-

Use cotton wool balls in his ears at bath time to prevent water getting in his ears and causing an infection.

Every four weeks clean your dogs ears with a cotton swab, your vet may make a recommendation as to a mild cleansing agent but you could use mineral oil. Take the swab and gently clean both the inner and outer parts of the dogs ear but being careful not to push any wax into the ear, leave a little wax in the ear as this will protect the ear canals.

Clean under the ear flaps and remove any foreign objects that may be stuck in the fur around the ears.

Trim any long hair around his ears as this can cause an infection. The air circulation will be improved by trimming the hair.

Call your vet if necessary if you dog has any wounds, cuts or scratches to his ear flaps that have become infected.

Clipping your dog

Clipping a dog is an art. Skin disease can be caused by dirt accumulation in a dogís coat. Clipping of a dogs coat or nails must be done very carefully so as not to cause any injuries.

Clipping can expose any skin complaint or parasite that your dog may have. Pet Health Parlors are available for the clipping of your dogs coat and nails. If you youíre your dog yourself take care not to cut his coat too short in the winter, also you may cause your dog injury which could cause bleeding if you clip his coat and nails too short.

If you do your own clipping sharp good quality clipping instruments are available from most pet shops remember it is not advisable to clip you dog if he is ill.

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 Category:  Pets

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