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Baby Care for Less

By Nikki Willhite

Here are a few tips to save money caring for your baby

Baby Wipes

There is no shortage of ideas for making homemade Baby Wipes. They are all basically the same. You need 3 things:

Paper Towels
A Soapy Solution
A Container

Here is the procedure:

*Cut the Paper Towel Roll in half (An electric knife works well)

*Soak in paper towels in a bowl of the Soapy Solution to absorb the moisture (20 minutes for a sealed, air tight container, overnight if not covered) . *Remove the cardboard center from the paper towels.

*Place the wet Paper Towels in the Container.

*Pull out one at a time to use.

Here are the options for the ingredients:

Paper Product Options

Paper Towels (soft), Bounty, Viva, or a good brand that won't fall apart.

Soapy Solution - Here are some variations:

T of Liquid Baby Soap and ¼ C Water
2 C water, 3 T Baby oil, 3 T Baby Shampoo
2 T Baby oil, 2 T Antibacterial Hand Soap, 2 C Water
2 C Water, 2 T Creamy Baby Oil, and 1 T Baby Wash

Container Options

Empty Crisco Can
Ice Cream Bucket
Lettuce Crisper
Round Rubbermaid Container

With all these containers, you can cut an "X" into the plastic lid and then pull them out that way. It will hold the moisture in better. Have fun decorating the container if giving as a gift!

In addition to being more economical, most people claim these formulas cause fewer irritations on the skin.

Diaper Rash and Baby Powder Substitute

Mix Milk of Magnesia and corn starch in equal amounts to make a creamy consistency. Rub on baby.

Put some regular flour in a fry pan on the stove on low heat. Stir it until it turns brown. Cool. Use as talcum powder on rashes.

Use cornstarch instead of baby powder. It is less expensive and works just as well.

Diaper Cream

Use Zinc Oxide. You will find it in the Pharmacy with the first aid products. (In California, we use to wear it on our noses)

Or: Mix 1/4  cup Vaseline with 1 Tablespoon Cornstarch

Diaper Pins

Keep your diaper pins needle down in a bar of soap. They slide through the fabric much easier that way.

Baby Food

Dinnertime can be hectic. Sometimes it's a lot easier to pull out a jar of baby food then process your dinner food so your child can eat it. Make up your food in advance. Purée fruits or vegetables and put portion size servings in a muffin tin. Freeze. Remove from tin and store in the freezer in plastic bags. Just microwave and it's ready to serve.

Baby Gates

Buy gates in the Pet Store where they are less expensive.


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Related Links:  | Children:Activities and FunChallenges | School | Parenting | Stories | Babies |

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