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Category:  Romance

Simple and Low Cost Tips for a Valentines Celebration for Two

By Angela Billings

Here are some tips to use for a Valentines Celebration for Two on a small budget or no budget!

1.Make a Valentine for your Sweetie. Most cards in the stores are generic looking and very expensive. By making your own you can make what you want and customize it to say whatever you choose.

2.Use scented candles for romantic lighting and a great scent.Be sure and put them in safe places and DO NOT leave them unattended!

3.Rose Petal Path! If you have any artificial roses around that you are not using simply cut them apart voila you have Romantic Rose Petals! Sprinkle in a path to wherever you want it to go.

4.Candy! You don't need expensive chocolates to do the trick. Buy some at the grocery or drug store or make it yourself.

5.You can give a Single Rose if you can't afford a dozen. (Men like roses also!) Most convenience stores have the single roses in a bucket for a few dollars each. Buy one of those and take the cellophane wrapping off and then give it to your Valentine! They don't need to know where you got it, after all it is the thought that counts!

6.Write a Love Letter. It doesn't get any cheaper or simpler than that.

So get started now and have a great and romantic Valentines Day!

Angela Billings is a stay at home wife and mother who publishes an online newsletter Home and Family Ezine.


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Category:  Romance

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