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Keeping the Kids Busy During Winter Break

By Angela Billings

Children will soon be out of school and home for the holidays. The excitement lasts a couple of days and then they begin to get bored and restless. My children are home schooled and we do have a Christmas break but even they are eager to start back with their lessons after a few days off.

Here are some simple ideas for you to do with your children.

1.Bundle up and roast marshmallows and drink hot cocoa in the yard.

2.Go on a winter walk and listen to the sounds of winter.How are they different than the other seasons?

3.Make simple birdfeeder garlands by stringing cheerios, popcorn,cranberries and then hanging in trees for the birds.

4.Make a snow gauge by marking inches on a coffee can and sitting outside to collect snow.

5.Give the children gardening and seed catalogs and let them plan out a garden of their own.

6.Have them make goals for the new year.Make sure they don't set any that are too high to accomplish which would make them feel bad but also don't make them too easy!

7.Keep a plastic tub or box filled with art supplies and let them use their imagination working on their own art project.

8.Keep a basket of winter themed books out for them to read.

9.Cook with them, let them plan out the meal and help you make it.

10.Visit the public library they usually have special programs for children when school is out.

Angela Billings is a stay at home wife and mother who publishes an online newsletter Home and Family Ezine with household tips and recipes for better living! or subscribe now


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