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Category:  Cleaning

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Stop procrastinating on Household Chores

By J. Black

If you have been letting go some necessary chores around the house and yard for a while, then maybe it is time to decide to embark on a crusade to get all those tasks done.

Start by making an "irritation" list of what needs to be done before you begin.

An irritation list is simply a list of all the tasks and things we tolerate and leave undone that clutter up our lives. They are like having a splinter in your finger - annoying, rarely life threatening and remain until we take action and do something about them.

Irritations can range from the leaky tap you have been meaning to have repaired, the dirty carpet, the appliance with the frayed electrical cord that needs replacing, the shirt with the missing button, the dry-cleaning that you keep forgetting to pick up from the cleaners, the car that needs repairs, the chimney that needs sweeping, guttering that needs clearing before winter, the computer files you have been meaning to back up and so on...

Once you have your master list complete, the next step is to take action on your irritations and get rid of them.

Delegate where you can to the appropriate person.

Take a few minutes right now to contact various trades people and deal with the leaking tap, the video that refuses to work, the car badly in need of a service or any items on your list requiring outside services.

Some items on your list can be delegated to other family members leaving only the chores and tasks you need to physically complete yourself.

As with any list, some items take only a few minutes, while others require more time and effort.

To develop your sense of action orientation deal with the major or least pleasant tasks first. Tackling a major or unpleasant task first, and seeing it successfully through to completion psychologically creates a natural high with increased energy levels, enthusiasm and raised self-esteem.

Energy combined with stamina and determination enables you not only to start on your tasks and carry them to completion but also to do them well.

Your irritations are an ongoing fact of life. From now on make it a habit to deal with them and decide to take action as they occur.

Adopt a "DO IT NOW" mentality as many household chores and tasks only take a few minutes to complete once started. If you simply cannot complete an "irritation" at the time you notice it, add it to your normal daily to-do-list. Take the necessary steps to complete the task as soon as practical to get it done.

Copyright  J Black. More resources and ideas for successful living can be found online at


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Category:  Cleaning

Related Links:  | CleaningClutter Control |

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