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Accessories That Last

By Nikki Willhite

Choose Accessories for your Home that Have Meaning

One of the biggest wastes of money that I see in decorating homes is people doing projects to decorate their home that I know they are going to get tired of, and want to get rid of in 6 months to a year.

At the present time, there are more crafts out there than I can keep up with. Some of them will stand the test of time, while others will look as dated as a macrame owl in a few years. I suppose if you enjoy doing a craft, and it brings you relaxation, you could justify the cost. If not, how much better to surround yourself with things that will last your lifetime.

How do you know what will last? If you want to keep your hands busy and be creative in your home decor, what should you do?

Of course you should do things that you enjoy. However, if you want something to last, or be passed down to your children someday, ask yourself how you will feel about it when it is done? How much sentimental value will it have?

You do not have to surround yourself with the things that are displayed in the stores. The most comfortable, warm homes reflect the special hobbies and interests of the people that live there. Things don't have to match. It doesn't matter. If you love the things you surround yourself with, they will all blend together in your eyes, which are the only ones that really matter.

Try and be creative with the things that you treasure or have meaning to you. That special letter or card your spouse wrote you when you were dating would look great framed and matted on a board with some dried flowers and other creative touches.

Your children's artwork would look nice matted in a frame. Everything from your grandmother's tatting to autumn leaves look good matted and framed.

Treasure anything from the past, whether it is your first baby shoes or old postcards. Think of them as art, and try to find a way to display them.

Quilts, whether small wall hangings or bed size, made of scraps of your children's clothing grow in value and sentiment over time.

If you like cross stitch, make your own design from something significant to you, like your house. At least buy a kit that reflects your family's interests.

The greater the sentimental value, the more pleasure your project will bring. Think of the things you owned in the past. Wouldn't you love to have some of the thing today that you had as a child? I don't just mean baseball cards or comic books (although I would love to have mine). Many of the things we owned as children would be treasured items today.

You are in the process of making memories  for your family. Try and visualize how important something may be in the future to you or your children.

Also, remember- anything you make TOGETHER with your children will have great sentimental value to them someday! (Have them paint part of that birdhouse!)

So there is the challenge. Whether you are making bird houses or Quilts, find a way to make them very personal. Your efforts will not be wasted.


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
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