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Arranging a Package Wedding

Debra Jacobson

One of the more modern wedding concepts, for making the occasion more affordable, is arranging for a group of couples to collectively sign contracts with the various buildings and service providers involved in a wedding celebration. You can negotiate group discounts for all of the couples to have a more affordable wedding plan. Going about your wedding planning in a collective way can be a great way to save money on the various aspects of a modern wedding. You are essentially offering a package deal to businesses and also to couples. This can be a really beneficial way to make everyone involved happy.

Finding More Couples

There are many wedding forums online today. Signing up for such a forum is a great way to meet other couples looking for wedding planning info and also a good place for asking and answering questions. There are some forums that are arranged by location, such as a city or metropolitan area. Online classified ads like Craigslist are another good way to find people online. Another more traditional method is through a classified section of a newspaper and/or a magazine. This is a great way of finding couples in a local area who are also planning a wedding.

Agreement For Couples

Once you have found a group of couples who are also planning their weddings and are okay with sharing common locations and service providers in order to make for a more affordable wedding, it is time to arrange for an agreement to be signed by the couples involved. This is an important step, as it is essentially a contract of trust between the couples to follow through in a way that makes the whole idea beneficial for all involved in the process. It is possibly a good idea to consult with a lawyer about the proper wording of the contract to better ensure a safe situation for signing contracts with companies. It is also likely wise to know what percentage of costs, if any, would be required in the event of a couple deciding to use a different service than originally agreed by the group.

Search and Negotiations

After finding the couples and drafting a contract, it is good to start searching for locations and companies that best suit the needs of the people in the group. Finding a good location for a wedding ceremony, that is suitable for all, may sound challenging. It is really dependant on how well you have selected the right couples for the group. Obviously it is wise to find couples with similar preferences, when at all possible. This will make the process much easier in general. Choosing a nice non-secular location, such as a marriage chapel some hotels offer, is one possibility. Thankfully finding a suitable reception hall for all of the couples to agree on should be much easier. Again, many hotels offer a relatively nice reception hall. Caterers and florists are usually rather adaptable according to the varying tastes of people in the group. A variety of food should be available to choose from at any good caterer. Likewise, any good florist should be able to provide an array of flowers to accommodate just about any style.

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