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floral and diagonal squares small quilt

Quilting can be easy or hard.  This objective of this site is to teach you how to make it easy and economical.  There are so many ways to quilt, so many techniques,  tools and fabrics.  This site will teach you the basics with a set of 12 lessons.

There are many ways to accomplish the same task in quilting.  However, there are some rules that are firm.  This site will teach you what you absolutely must know to become a successful quilter.  You will learn some basic techniques, that you will use over and over.

As you progress in your quilting skills, you will learn other ways of doing things, and shortcuts to make each part of the quilting process faster.  As part of this, you will buy more rulers and other sewing equipment.

This site will get you going with a minimum amount of money.  One of the things that I suggest is that you go on Ebay and buy some fabric that is pre-cut into squares.  They are very inexpensive, and all the work of washing and cutting the fabric has usually already been done.

Find a seller with a large feedback, and read a little of it to make sure other people have been happy with their fabric.  You can buy sets with just a few prints, or but a wide variety in each package.  Buy some 4-inch and 6-inch squares. Use will use them in the lessons.

You will be doing a lot of practice sewing, so you will need some discount fabric.  If you don't want to buy yardage, pick up some fat quarters. 

Fat quarters (approx 18x22 inches)  have the same amount of fabric as 1/4 yard of fabric, but they are more versatile in allowing you to cut bigger blocks, as a quarter yard of fabric is only about 9-inches long.

Master the skills on this site, and you will be on the road to being an excellent quilter!

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