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Category:  Health
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How To Keep A Healthy Brain As You Age

By Brad Bahr

A dynamic mind is a great mind, so keeping your mind keen is a good part of aging well and living an improved life as you get older. If you continue to test and occupy your brain with activities such as continued learning and good dieting, you can preserve your healthy brain.

Expanding your horizons everyday and participating in actions that make you think on your feet and process information accurately and quickly will make a huge difference as you get older. Sometimes a bit more effort is needed, but by continuing to expand your mental muscles will pay off in a big way towards great learning and memory skills.

If you'd like to maintain the health of your brain as you age, then listen to this. You brain tissue tends to shrink a bit as you get over sixty, with certain areas shrinking more than the rest, such as the frontal lobe which is the part of the brain that takes care of mental processing, and the hippocampus where memories are created.

Thinning of the brain in the cortex area, and reductions in white matter are a few of the reasons why brain disorders occur in the elderly. Changes in these areas are what slow the cognitive processing which handle problem solving, decision making and attention. All which tend to fade as you age, if you don't exercise these regions by forming new memories day-after-day and allowing for a good intake of fresh information. With that said, aging doesn't have to mean a reduction of brain activity. Besides doing mental exercises like crossword puzzles, I take an HGH supplement every morning. This helps me to keep my mind sharp, and my energy levels high.

In fact the brain gets stronger and more astute if only you continue to use it. For example; if you were an avid reader of books in your younger years and you continue to be a voracious reader into your golden years, the rate of speed that you read and the amount of information that you are able to process as you read will increase as in "practice makes perfect," you are actually getting better with time. Most of our abilities normally get better with time, including. Keep in mind that other illnesses and ailments may contribute to any decline in the normal activity in the brain.

Simple things, like more formal education, can contribute to intellectual stimulation of the brain and may even strengthen the brain cell networks to help in preventing mental function damage. Physical activity has always been known to have positive effects on the brain and brain functioning.

Getting into an aerobic regime is the best for brain health as oxygen is free flowing throughout the body and is particularly beneficial to the brains proper functioning. Having a good sense of self and knowing that the things that you do in life a difference and believing that you are contributing to the common good has shown to reduce cognitive decline in older adults.

Don't forget to use a high quality anti-aging supplement. I recommend you buy HGH for anti aging. This is the most powerful of the anti aging supplements. This will keep your mind, as well as your body younger.

So to slow down the effects of the regenerative parts of the brain it would be wise to learn to focus and make an honest effort to pay attention. Stay organized and don't rush, so that you are able to focus on the tasks that you are attempting. The all time favorite is repetition. Also, try your best to stay as stress free as possible, as tension causes some types of memory lapses.

Those senior moments can turn into senior memories if you continue to exercise your brain. So do whatever it takes to preserve your mental agility, and keep happy even as you enter your older years. When you look at the attitudes of older people, you see either depressed people, or extremely happy and satisfied people. Try to leave yourself in the latter category.

About the Author:

(c) Brad Bahr writes about health issues. If you want to look and feel better than you ever have before, Buy HGH. You can find complete information about HGH supplements at Brad's website:

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Category:  Health

Related Links | Healthy Living | Stress | Emotional Well-being | Cutting Medical Costs |

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