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Category:  Beauty

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The Untold Secret on Home Remedy for Age Spots

By R Kalpana

Ever wondered how you can simply remove stubborn age related spots with home remedies? Nowadays, people go with the organic products that treat age spots. These are stubborn spots brought by excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun. Dermatologists call age inspired spots as liver spots or solar lentigo. You may notice these spots as black or brown flat marks on the skin's sun-exposed locations.

Commonly, these spots appear after the age of 55 that's why they call it age spots. Treatments are necessary for age based spots, as it can look like cancerous growths over time. Aside from cosmetic products, some use a home remedy for age spots as an alternative. Besides effective removal of age inspired spots, these home remedies have fewer side effects, so you don't need to worry using them.

Primarily, the cause of age spots is the excessive exposure of melanin to ultraviolet rays. UV light increases the production of this dark pigment resulting to clumping or saturations in the skin. Discoloration results to such pigmentation. Hence, people avoid the sun's harmful rays by using sunscreens. However, this is not enough because as the skin ages, its natural ingredients for preventing skin aging also declines.

Cosmetics and other dermatologically-proven products are used by many individuals seeking removal of age related spots. Nonetheless, you can also choose a home remedy for age spots that is affordable and natural. Here are some home remedies you can use for treating age based spots.

1. If you have plenty of plants at home and you found aloe vera as one of them, you can use it as a home remedy for age inspired spots. Just rub aloe vera on the affected area just before you sleep and before you take a bath in the morning. Aside from its bleaching effect, aloe vera is also great for treating burns.

2. Now, go to your kitchen and search for apple cider vinegar. You can apply apple cider vinegar by mixing it with orange juice. You can use cotton pads or damp cloth in applying this mixture to the affected area.

3. Besides apple cider vinegar, look for buttermilk in your refrigerator. Buttermilk has lactic acid that maintains the acidity and moisture of your skin. This fights age based spots by decreasing melanin production and lightening age spots.

4. If you know a place for herbs, search for bilberry herb. This is another plant working on the age-spots with its antioxidant effect. Simply extract 80mg of bilberry and apply it on the affected spot.

5. Your last home remedy for age spots is lemon juice. This is the most abundant alternative you can find for treating age related spots. Its acidic nature helps retain moisture and lighten age based spots. Apply its juice on the age inspired spots two times a day. Be careful when applying lemon juice if you plan to go outside. Exposure to the sun with application of lemon juice increases your skin's sensitivity to the ultraviolet rays.

So there you have it, the home remedies for age inspired spots. You can choose among the five home remedies or you can look for a natural age spots cream or lotion that offers you all of these effects. Then, you can have a treatment and a home remedy for age spots in one.

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Category:  Beauty
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