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Affordable Ways to Update a Bathroom

By Jessica Ackerman

It is very odd to note that one of the smallest rooms in your home can also be one of the most expensive to update. Finding affordable ways to update a bathroom can save you hundreds of dollars easily, and thousands in some cases, depending on the look you are hoping to accomplish. There are many ways to update your bathroom without spending a fortune, and here are a few ideas that will at least get you started in the right direction.

Updating your bathroom does not have to mean a complete overhaul of the bathroom. Rather than ripping out the toilet and bathtub for something more expensive, make sure that what you have is kept very clean, and it will last for many years. As long as the plumbing works correctly, and there are no leaks, some cosmetic touch up should be all that it needs. Watch for leaks, and re-caulk if the caulking begins to crack or otherwise look unsightly.

For a quick update to the sink, consider changing only the faucet and knobs for a new look that is relatively inexpensive. They are very easy to install, and can be a beautiful and simple update in any bathroom. You can apply the same quick and affordable fix to your bathtub or shower as well. Replace the existing showerhead with something functional and stylish, often for less than twenty dollars. Even showerheads with massage functions, or similar updated accessories, usually cost much less than the cost of a new bathtub. Faucets and knobs can simply and affordably be replaced for a few dollars each.

If the shower liner and curtain are outdated or stained, replace them with new ones. A shower curtain and liner combination package usually costs around twenty dollars, but makes a drastic difference in the bathroom. There are many different fabric and color combinations to choose from, and these can be picked up at discount stores at a great price.

Throw rugs can make a big difference in the bathroom as well. Replace worn, outdated, or torn rugs with new ones. Make a bold statement with color, or keep it simple and serviceable, depending on your budget. These can usually be found for just a few dollars each, and it is very easy to find matching pieces to suit any dér. Make sure that the bottom of the rug offers some slip-resistant coating, so that the rug does not cause falls when you step out of the bathtub or shower.

Finally, add decorative accents little by little to achieve your overall desired look. Most finishing touches, such as toothbrush holders, lotion/toothpaste dispensers, soap dishes, trash cans, and similar items can be purchased in matching or coordinating designs and colors for just a few dollars each and they can be found in colors and styles that complement any dér. They might even make an outdated bathroom look a little fresher and up to date.

Jessica Ackerman, author and staff designer at, specializes in wall art and decor and fish wall sculpture .

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