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The Most Common Adoption Mistake And How To Avoid It

By Cindy Simonson

The most commonly made mistake people make when adopting a child involves choosing the wrong adoption professionals to assist them with their journey. The wrong adoption professionals can lead you in the wrong direction, cause you to spend thousands needlessly, and even lead you to an adoption situation that is outside what you really wanted.

There are many wonderful adoption professionals and agencies who work very hard to help families successfully adopt a baby or child. There are also many, however, that don't quite give you the “full picture” of their services. What would you say if you knew an adoption agency only successfully located 20 birth mothers a year; but had 200 families waiting to adopt a child? Chances are, you would want to look for an agency that limits the number of families on the waiting list to a more reasonable number in comparison to the number of adoptions they handle each year otherwise you can expect to wait years needlessly to adopt.

Many adoption agencies and professionals do not spend much time getting their name out there to mothers who may be looking to put their babies up for adoption. In other words, they hang a sign outside their shop and hope the mothers find them. This is not a problem as long as it is clearly explained to potential clients. With that knowledge, hopeful adoptive parents can do a couple of things to react to the situation and expedite their adoption. They can hire an adoption agency that does provide outreach services, they can continue to work with the agency but conduct their own search for a birth mother or they can hire a professional whose sole purpose is to help locate a birth mother.

There are more options available to the family looking to adopt a child than most people think. It's up to you to do some research in order to find an adoption professional that will work within your personal adoption plan; so that you are not limited by the limitations of a specific adoption agency or adoption attorney.

Your adoption plan should indicate the baby you would like to adopt; what kind of risks you are willing to take, the level of openness you are comfortable with between your family and the birth mother, among other things. Create your adoption plan prior to choosing an adoption professional to work with, so that you can determine whether or not the agency or professional is willing to work within your plan and help you find a suitable match.

You will want to consider the fact that each adoption professional you consider hiring has a lot to gain financially by having you sign up for their adoption program - even if their program is not the best fit for you. That is why it is so important for you to seek knowledge and define your goals before you spend large sums of money.

When a family looking to adopt a child signs up with the wrong adoption professional, there is a strong possibility that the family will spend years on a waiting list, without a child. In some cases, families feel they are judged for having limits to the type of adoption situation they feel comfortable with- and are pushed into accepting high risk adoption situations. It's important that you find an adoption professional who knows your personal adoption goals, and is not only supportive of them; but will help you successfully adopt a child in a reasonable time frame.

About the Author: Cindy Simonson is a respected adoption professional and writes about child adoption at For the past thirteen years she has been helping people successfully adopt the child of their dreams. Cindy also offers a free audio course “The ten secrets you must know in order to adopt a child from the U.S.’’


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Related Links:  | Children:Activities and FunChallenges | School | Parenting | Stories | Babies |

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