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Category:  Beauty

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Acne Treatment

 Myths Regarding Acne And What Causes Acne?

By Joey River

There are several misunderstandings regarding acne. This is the reason people end up taking wrong acne treatment for themselves. Therefore it is necessary that you know the causes of acne so that you can direct acne treatment into correct direction, instead of wasting time on seemingly less effective medications.

Acne treatment for adolescents and teenagers are different from adults. Since the hormonal activity in both the age groups is different. It is better that you take any oral medication as acne treatment only after you consult the dermatologist. Since, a well experienced dermatologist is required in order to prescribe exact medicine for your body type.

Acne treatment should be started early on the moment you know that you have acne. You can start acne treatment by using cleansers and exfoliation. Cleaners will do the work of removing all that oil which is logged on your pores and because of which these are blocked. Where exfoliation will help remove all that oil which could not be removed by cleansers, as well as will keep the skin pores clear for the skin to breathe.

Acne results into formation of blackheads, whiteheads and comedones. Acne is not formed due to dirt, as is the normal belief. It is caused due to over secretion of oil sebum by the sebaceous glands in the hair follicle. The purpose of sebum is to take dead cells and throw it out of the body.

The hormone androgen, one of the most important hormones for healthy functioning of our body causes acne. The hormone when comes into contact with the sebaceous gland produces sebum, but in case of people who get acne, the sebaceous glands are sensitive and produce more sebum, thus creating acne and related skin problems.

So acne treatment in early stages should revolve round keeping the skin cleansed and hydrated. Drinking lot of water is a must, since water cleans your body from the inside, and cleansing skin by mild cleansers and exfoliating it will do the trick.

For most of the people with mild acne this will do the trick. Also exercising will make you sweat and thus will also keep pores clean, these are some on the non-medicinal treatments. Acne treatment through medicinal cream, etc is possible too, you should use those creams which contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid in their composition. The function of these creams is to kill bacterial present in the infected areas.

Acne treatment should be only in places where your skin is affected, using creams and medicines in areas other than affected areas will only make the normal skin dryer.

There are different types of medicines available as acne treatment, including medicines prescribed in ayurveda, homeopathic and allopathic. You require investigating properly into each type if you are open to trying something really effective and long lasting.

Therefore, treat acne wisely and be patient, you will get to see the results soon enough. Acne treatment will be effective if you are regular in following instruction, if you are consulting a dermatologist, then it is all the more necessary that you follow instructions thoroughly for best results.

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Category:  Beauty
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