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Kidsí Valentines Gifts

By Adriana Copaceanu

Kids love Valentineís Day just about as much as grown-ups. They shouldnít be left out of the celebrations. While kids donít understand the romantic themes behind Valentineís Day, they do know about love.

Stuffed animals are always a hit with kids, no matter what the occasion. There are always cute toys with hearts. Every child has their favorite cuddly friends, and there is a huge variety of stuff toys available.

Instead of getting them yet another video or computer game, get them an old fashioned toy like you played with as a kid. Something to get them up and moving, like a hoola hoop or a jump rope. There are many nostalgia toys out there that are popular again. Introduce your child to something you loved as a child.

Have a date with your child. If you donít get a lot of time with your kids, taking the time for some one-on-one time with each one around Valentineís Day would be a very special memory for both of you. It doesnít have to be expensive, but it also doesnít have to be fast food. Even going to a sit down restaurant and just ordering appetizers for a light dinner, or dessert after dinner at home would be a nice time.

Buy a new board or card game for the family and spend the evening playing and laughing together instead of watching television. Spend the time talking and getting to know your kids better.

Personalized gifts are always great. Kids love to see their names on something. If your child has an uncommon name, or unusual spelling, you may need to preorder a gift. Shirts, jewelry, picture frames and many other things can have your childís name added.
There are even books and CDís that can be personalized for your child.

Maybe you could have a special dinner at home, but let the kids plan the menu and help cook. Let them have the foods they love (within reason). Finish off with heart shaped cookies that the kids help decorate.

The best gift you can give your kids is time and memories doing things as a family. Show them that they are loved, no matter what.



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Category:  Romance

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