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A Frugal Mother's Day

By Cary Anderson

Mother’s Day is fast approaching which means another holiday with pressure to spend, spend, spend. But you don’t need to drop $50 on a nice bouquet of flowers that will be dead in a week anyway to show your Mother you love her. Give her something more lasting and better yet... cheaper!

Here are some ideas for how you can show your Mom how much you love her without throwing your finances under the bus:

1. Spend time with her. Nearly every mother on the planet would rather get an hour with their children than a nice gift in the mail. Your time is the richest gift you can give to your Mom on Mother’s Day. Even something as simple as asking her out for a cup of coffee to chat or having her over for dinner will be one of the best gifts you could give.

2. Help out around the house. This is an especially good idea for people whose Moms are not quite as mobile or self-sufficient. Offering to help clean the house, wash the car, mow the lawn, or any number of other household chores is a fantastic way to show your love to your Mother this Mother’s Day.

3. Framed family portrait. Find an old family picture and have it taken to an enlargement shop. Pick out a nice frame and surprise your Mom with a framed memory that may have been off her mind for a while.

4. Take her on a picnic. If your Mother is the picnicking type, put together a nice basket of lunch and take her to a nearby park. May can be a great month for picnicking if the weather in your area this Mother’s Day complies.

5. Buy her a plant. The gift of a plant is not only cheaper than flowers but it can last a heck of a lot longer too. When she waters and cares for the plant it will be a reminder of your love to her. A local garden center should be able to make a great suggestion that fits your budget.

6. Go for a special outing. Take your Mom to a free event in your area. A play, a parade, a special art display. She’ll appreciate the chance to get out of the house so much the thought of receiving a material gift will be the last thing on her mind.

7. Bake her a cake. For just a few dollars, you can buy all of the needed materials to make your Mom a special Mother’s Day cake. If you want to get really creative you can make an assortment of cupcakes for her to share with co-workers the following day.

8. A heartfelt letter. Write a letter to your Mom expressing your gratitude and appreciation for everything she does for you. Being a Mom is sometimes a thankless task. But remember, she cared for you when you were too small to do so yourself. Let her know you love her and appreciate her for everything she’s done for you.

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