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Category:  Romance

5 Great Ideas For Wedding Favors

By Ethan Edison

As a bride and groom enter the planning phase of their walk down the aisle, there are plenty of details to settle on that deal with the reception and other aspects of matrimony. While selecting the cake, making floral decisions, and deciding on a theme are important, choosing the right wedding favors is an aspect that adds the finishing touches for both the newly married couple and their family and friends in attendance.

It is through wedding favors that a special keepsake or memory-filled item is taken home to serve as a reminder of the beautiful ceremony and precious union of two people. Below you will find five approaches on how to select wedding favors that not only perfectly match matrimonial themes, but also infuse a personal style that complements both the bride and groom.

1) Say It With Chocolate

When choosing wedding favors, you can't go wrong with candy items. Today, any shape, style, or subject wedding favors can be fashioned into chocolate keepsake. Depending on the theme of your wedding, the possibilities are limitless to only what the imagination may conjure. A few ideas may include chocolate flip-flops for a beach-themed wedding, decorative flowers to match the chosen floral arrangement, or delicious treats displaying the name of bride and groom. There truly is no limit to the kind of molds a pastry chef may create for designer chocolate.

2) Toys, Toys and Toys

It doesn’t matter how old the attendees are, wedding favors as toys are fun keepsakes that allow bride and groom to personalize an array of possibilities. Some of the items that have found their way to a range of reception tables include kazoos, yo-yos, carved wooden items, and the very popular bobblehead doll.

3) Nothing Wrong With Tradition

Traditionally, wedding favors have included the well-known arrangement of five white or multi-colored Jordan almonds nestled in a simple favor container. Some couples opt for small boxes of chocolate hearts, truffles, or other sweet treats. While some couples look at this approach as boring, there is nothing wrong with siding with tradition. Today, more and more of these types of wedding favors now display an upgrade. Decorating the outside of a candy box with a photo of the newlyweds, or placing Jordan almonds in non-conventional packaging (such as personalized champagne glasses) are just some of the ways to embrace tradition.

4) For the Environmentally Conscious

While choosing wedding favors made from recycled materials helps newlyweds do their part to save the environment, there are other ways to make a more profound impression on guests. A few ideas to consider include sending family and friends home with flower bulbs or baby trees that they may repopulate the world with natural beauty in honor of your wedding.

5) Personalization is Key

To make sure guests remember one of the most special days in your life, you may select from a wide range of personalized wedding favors that allow brides and grooms to express themselves in a multitude of fun and fresh ways. Commonly personalized wedding favors may include matchbooks and mugs showcasing names and dates, but today, a new world of personalization is possible. Try considering embroidered pillows, silver picture frames, Visa gift cards, over-sized beach towels, and T-shirts ("I went to the Smith and Baker wedding and all I got was this lousy T-shirt").

About the Author: Ethan Edison is an expert in the field of wedding favor. He runs a highly popular and comprehensive wedding favor web site. For more articles and resources on wedding related topics and much more visit his site at: =>


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Category:  Romance

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