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The Shoofly Block

the shoofly quilt block

The Shoofly Block is one of the easiest of the Beginner Quilting Blocks.

This block is a 9-patch.  You can easily see the grids in the picture.

Each of the grids measures two inches, finished.

If the block is to finish at 6-inches, then each grid must take up two inches of space.

This block only has two units- the Square and the Half Square Triangle.
construction of the shoofly quilt block

If the squares are to finish at 2-inches, they must be cut at 2 1/2 inches to allow for the seam allowances.

The Half Square Triangles will be made of squares cut at 2 7/8 - inches.  That allows 1/2 inch for the seam allowances, and 3/8 inch for the seam.

Make all the blocks, and then sew the rows together.  Be sure and press the center row seams opposite of the top and bottom row so they will nest.

Sew the horizontal seams, press toward the center (which is the way they want to go), and you are done.

The block will measure 6 1/2 inches raw, and finish at 6-inches square. 

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