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15 Room Makeover Projects for less than $500

By Jessica Ackerman

Home redecorating doesn't always have to be expensive. There are a number of makeover projects that can give a room an attractive new look for less than $500.

Makeover Project #1: Paint

There's almost nothing else that can give a room a totally new look for less money than a fresh coat of paint. You can generally repaint any room in your home for much less than $500.

Makeover Project #2: Sewing and Craft Room

Turn an unused corner of the basement or a spare bedroom into a convenient sewing and craft room. Work tables and chairs, shelving, cabinets and other storage options would be the best purchase choices. Make sure to buy one or two good work lights if the room is not already well-lit.

Makeover Project #3: Bathroom Makeover

New towel bars, combined with a new showerhead, shower rod and curtain, can really spruce up a bathroom. You can add new curtains, towels and rugs, and perhaps an updated faucet as well.

Makeover Project #4: Patio or Porch

Don't overlook a patio, porch or screened in room. These types of rooms can be given new life with a set of chairs, a couple of tables and perhaps a storage bench. Add some planters, plants and other accessories and you'll have a new room to enjoy.

Makeover Project #5: Closet Organization

Closets might not actually be rooms, but having organized closets is a great feeling. By installing wire shelving and other similar items, you can organize several closets for less than $500.

Makeover Project #6: Ceiling Fan

For much less than $500, you can install a ceiling fan in one or more rooms of your home. Ceiling fans add a lot of charm and style to the room, and can make the room more comfortable and energy efficient year round.

Makeover Project #7: New Flooring

If the room is small, and you are careful with your shopping, you can often replace flooring in a room for $500 or less, especially if it is a type of flooring that you feel comfortable installing yourself.

Makeover Project #8: New Lighting

Lighting can add a whole new mood to a room. Increasing the available light in a room can also make it more useful, by making it easier to work in. There are plenty of lighting options that are available for $500 or less.

Makeover Project #9: Utility Room

Since these are often small rooms, replacing the floor with a new vinyl or laminate flooring is often within the $500 budget, with money left over for new shelving, a cabinet or two, and perhaps new laundry hampers or a work table.

Makeover Project #10: Child's Bedroom

By adding a fresh coat of paint, new bedspread and curtains, you can give a child's room a whole new look. Add some pillows and other accessories to complete the makeover.

Makeover Project #11: Office Workspace

Whether you have a separate office or use a corner of another room as office workspace, for $500 you can add a lot of functionality. A new chair can be a great investment in your workspace, as well as a desk unit if the one you have isn't serving your needs.

Makeover Project #12: Living Room

A coat of paint, new pillows and window treatments, a piece or two of art, and perhaps one new furniture item can add a whole new look to the living room for less than $500.

Makeover Project #13: Kitchen

Adding new cabinet hardware can make old cabinets look new again. A ceiling fan can be a great addition to the kitchen as well. You can add some new window treatments and some new kitchen accessories and still be within budget. It can be fun to also add one new small kitchen appliance that you've always wanted, such as a really great coffee maker.

Makeover Project #14: Master Bedroom

Add a new bedspread and curtains for a new look. If you shop at garage sales or thrift shops, you might even be able to get a set of used furniture and still be under budget. New accessories and perhaps a plant complete the makeover.

Makeover Project #15: Game Room

If you have a recreation room or other spare room in your home, you can create a fun game room for less than $500. Add extra lighting if necessary, include a good table; shop for furniture at garage sales or resell shops, and you'll still have plenty of money left to buy a new game or two.

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