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The Split Quarter Square Triangle

the split quarter triangle block

The Split Quarter Square Triangle is another great building block with lots of possibilities.  It is very easy to make, yet it can make a quilt look like it was was difficult to make.

To make this block, you start by beginning the process to make a Quarter Square Triangle.

Follow step one- putting two pieces of fabric together (usually a dark and a light), drawing a diagonal line from corner to corner, sewing on both sides of it, and then cutting down the line.
contruction os the split quarter triangle block

You now have two half triangles.  Instead of sewing them together again to make the hourglass quarter square triangle, you are going to do the same sewing technique, but you are going to use a plain square of fabric on the back (black in the above picture).

After you sew and cut,  you will have a Quarter Square Triangle that is solid on one side, and split on the other side, as pictured at the top of the page.

If you've learned your math, it should be easy for you to figure out the size to cut the plain square.

Let's use our 6-inch squares.  Do the first step, and then open your Half Square Triangle block.  It should measure 5 5/8 inches.  (Remember, you lose 3/8 of an inch in the seam)

So this is the size you cut your Square of fabric that you are going to sew to the Half Square Triangle to make the Quarter Square Triangle.

That's all there is to it.  Above you can see it used as part of a star block, and below, it is arranged for a pinwheel design.

                                         pinwheel layout of the split quarter triangle blockpinwheel layout of the split quarter triangle block                       
                                         pinwheel layout of the split quarter triangle blockpinwheel layout of the split quarter triangle block               


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