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Ten Quick Digital Photography Tips

By Albertus Adi Sulistiono

If you're looking for some quick and easy to apply digital photography tips, you're in luck. We have ten good ones just for you.

Digital photography tips #1 - Change your focus. Move your camera and your angle around to something new and different. When taking pictures of people, have them huddle together and take the shot from underneath, looking up at their faces. When taking a picture of a landmark, move back and shoot facing up. Digital photography tips should include mixing things up a bit so that your photos don't get boring.

Digital photography tips #2 - Try black and white. Digital photography has made colors crisper and clearer, but sometimes photos will still look more stately or different if you use black and white film. Many photographers have given up on black and white film but occasions such as weddings or shots like portraits can look better in black and white, as it softens the complexion and hides a lot of flaws.

Digital photography tips #3 - Use the rule of three, especially for landscapes. Your photos usually look better if you have three distinct areas or subjects. For landscapes, you should have the sky, the tree line, and something in front of that such as a road or fence. If you don't have three subjects, things can look a bit flat and dull.

Digital photography tips #4 - Break up your colors. If you're shooting landscapes or flowers or something else with a lot of color, things can look very busy very easily. Make sure there's something to break up the subject. Move the camera so there's a solid tree or rocks or something else in the shot.

Digital photography tips #5 - Try some different lenses for different effects. Too often people buy a digital camera and don't learn how to use different lenses for them. By adjusting the lens to blur the background or change the focus, you'll turn any photo into a brand new type of shot.

Digital photography tips #6 - Get creative! Don't get so involved with your equipment that you forget to add your own personal and artistic touches to your shots. For instance, many digital photography tips for portraits will involve getting some new poses and creative settings. Have spouses face each other rather than the camera, or get shots of their hands or bare feet together. Get out of the studio and try some new settings. Don't let your fancy camera do the job for you!

Digital photography tips #7 - Use framing. This means that whatever the main subject or element of your picture, you should have something surrounding it so that it doesn't look stark and bare. For example, if you're getting a shot of a beautiful pool, make sure you get the decorative trees surrounding it in the shot. Or, if you're taking product shots for a magazine layout, make sure there's something around the product as well - this might be food items for a pizza, makeup brushes for cosmetics, and so on.

Digital photography tips #8 - Think ahead. When taking action shots, you want to anticipate the action and aim ahead. If you just stay on the subject, it may very well get out of the frame by the time you hit the button. Do the same when taking any shot - is something going to move into the frame, and if so, do you want it there or is it best to wait until it's passed?

Digital photography tips #9 - Use lighting properly and mix it up. Notice how any subject, when lit from in front or above or below, changes completely. Shadow plays a big part of this, but you can really notice different aspect of any subject when lighting it from behind rather than in front, and vice versa.

Digital photography tips #10 - Fill the frame. Move in closer to your subject or adjust your angle so that you don't have a lot of white or empty space. By doing this, you make your subjects much more intimate and make them seem closer to you.



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Category:  Hobbies

Related Links | Hobbies | Scrapbooking Frugal Quilting and Lessons |

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